An experiment

He was hiding to the south of the cemetary, just beyond the line of trees, the fences barely in view. Even with the distance, the stench of the walking dead reached all the way over to him. 'Just a little longer', he thought, as he peered from behind a tree.

The wind whistled through the trees, swaying the canopy from left to right as he waited, the moaning sounds of the zombies being carried over, disturbing the otherwise peaceful quiet.
Finally, a robed individual dashed through the gates and into the cemetary, a sickening black aura surrounding him.

He grinned. Success.

The man stopped near a grave, hands stretched outwards. He couldn't see well enough, nor hear from this distance, but could see the trails of power, that delicious power, reaching into the ground. A pulse reached out, connecting the man and the corpse underneath. A hand burst from the ground, pushing the dirt away, far stronger than a corpse had the right to be. Slowly, the zombie crawled out of its grave, and followed the man inside the crypt.

"The experiment begins", he whispered quietly, and sat down cross legged. He started whispering, chanting, the air around him humming with power as he took it inside himself. An exhilerating sigh escaped his lips as he felt the power course through him, making hem feel so powerful, so alive, able to bend nature to his will. He wanted more.. Needed more.

His eyes snapped open, turning serious, like an iron will taking hold of his mind, stopping the power from growing out of control. The man inside would not be so lucky. Water from the very air condensed in front of him as his spell took hold, slowly steadying in a disk, first blurry, before it showed the image of inside the crypt. The man was battling a few adventurers, perhaps warriors from the town.
He had no control of his magic, that much was clear.

He smirked.

That was the plan.

The man cast spell after spell, using the raw power, no heed to the consequences. How could he, with the power beckoning him so?

Finally, the little artifact he had slipped onto the man broke, and all hell broke loose. The man turned twisted, his body decaying, his mind turning ferral, primal. An enraged zombie, with nothing but food on its mind.

After all, only the strong became liches.

He stood up, letting the spell unravel, the power fading from his body. Turning away, he started walking in the direction of Mirith.

On to the next experiment.
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