Istra Falvo. Former best buddy of the king, former pirate, former forest witch… Who was she, anyway? Who was she, now?

Cassandra looked at the message posted in the bank with suspicion. Why would anyone leave a message to the Commander up there, for everyone to see? Especially a user of Black Magic, with evidently special access to the ins and outs of Marali?

The wizard shook her head. Marali was not her business anymore. It hasn’t been for a long time. More importantly, Kwoo was right in front of her, asking for attention.

Mocking Maralians and plums, the two headed out: their colour was red, and they were looking for a fight. And a fight they got. Much more than a fight, even. It was only hours later, upon her return with Shuab to the bank (what, reader? You never go out with a wizard and come back with another?), that Cassandra got the chance to organise her thoughts again. A not to Kwoo was in order. She’d ask a guard to deliver it, rather than pinning it on the wall for the world to see.

“Dear Kwoo,

Still amazed by your display of wizardry, I went back through the circle of mushrooms with the group of adventurers that gathered to help us (they were late to help you, but they were very much in time to help explore that strange place). As we walked in, we followed the streams and met more of the same strange and poisonous flora as you’ve seen. We have also reached a certain “Plum Library”, where the librarian refused to tell us much of the how, when, whys and all those questions we fired at him mercilessly. However, I should note that, before we reached the library, I hear not one voice but two. I may be hearing things, of course, but I could swear I heard someone frustrated by our presence there. My wizard instinct tells me it was a magic user with a grave voice.

Then again, my wizard instinct tells me sometimes I hear things.

I leave you this warning, in case you go back there. We may have been the first people finding the place, but there were certainly others living there before. Let’s find out ho they are?

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