Troll Palace

After much gambling and drinking, Rodger, Shuab, and Budic decide to head off into the woods before the next round of games would start. They crossed the bridge and began clearing the poison beasts and snakes from the so-called Poison Coast. As they reached the path, they noticed a woman dressed in blue running towards them.

Emmalisse, of Mirith, warned us of some suspicious troll activity happening at a particular rock formation that, from a certain angle, represented the shape of a crown - Crown Rock. We offered to investigate with her and set off towards the rock.

My night harpie, Luna-Azul, enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and seemed a lot stronger this evening. When we arrived at the Crown Rock, we encountered a normal presence of forest trolls, pixies, bracken, and wildlife working together to defend the rock.

A chest was left beside the crown. Rodger had the most experience with locks so we let him open it. Inside, he found a couple dozen mining axes.


We then moved to examine the rocks, and found a hidden entrance.


The forest trolls claimed it as their palace. It seemed incredibly vast, but we were able to explore.


A chest was found, but we were unable to pick the lock. We decided it was best to head back as the fear of being cornered by the trolls grew.

Further investigation required.

Druid Budic of Lerilin

Budic posts the report as a warning to anyone travelling back to Mirith to use caution when in forest troll territory.
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