To Nothing, To Life, and To Those Who Never Die (何もないへ、生命へ、そうして決して死なない人々へ)

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This time... This time for sure I pondered as we arrived the portal. After all we had secured all contents from all the chests we unlocked on our way in. We also brought items the lucky fairy hinted at: Hayate, a sackful of ingots, I carried nails for the portal leading to the Black Dungeon lair as usual, and ash could be secured from our wizards. Furthermore, we had several skilled woodcrafters, blacksmiths and tinkerers amongst us. This had to be it. We optimistically began to test...

「今度。。。今度こそ」PS portal へ歩きながら自分で考えました。だって、私達が箱の中のアイテムを全部拾いましたし、Lucky Fairyからもらった手がかりも持って来ますし、今日は必ず勝つ。HayateさんはIngotをいっぱいもって、私いつものようにBlack Dragon の部屋へ行けるportalの Nailを預かってもらって、魔法使いさんからAsh をもらえる。その上私達のうちにWoodCrafting やblacksmithing やtinkering のが上手人もいます。今度こそ!そうして楽天的にテストを始まりました。。。
(Satyricon): jade pin and etherite didnt wrk
(Gladash): Have we tried trap?
(Indy): trap ha?
(Varto): Hint was ingot and nail
(Satyricon): Anyone have a trap?
(Varto): Can you make a trap?
(Bronte): wooden shield did not work
(Indy): ingot and nail plz

(Indy): nail..
(Gladash): Anyone making a trap?
(Bronte): Indy san
(Stryker): Maybe you drop it in the portal
(Indy): a
(Bronte): nan desu ka?
(Indy): trap!!!
(Gladash): Wooo
(Kotori): yay
(Hayate): n?
(Satyricon): trap worked?

(Bronte): nani nani
(Gladash): What'd you get?
(Indy): i got 10 wooden bead
(Gladash): :O
(Satyricon): :o
(Stryker): oh nice
(Indy): beads
(Hayate): !!!
(Bronte): ii ne
(Kotori): dead tte nani?
(Kotori): bead
(Varto): Can I see a trap?
(Satyricon): The other one gives something different?
(Hayate): bi-zu?

Taken from Indy: Wooden Bead
(mikomi): ty
(Kotori): naruhodo
(Bronte): mattene
(Varto): He passed me 3 kinds of beads!
Having heard the rewards, I obtained a trap from Indy and handed it to one of the Phase Serpents.
Portal Key アイテムを聞いて、IndyさんからTrapをもれってPhase Serpentにあげました。
Reward: 10 Wooden Beads
Reward: 10 Glass Beads
Reward: 10 Stone Beads
(Faise): One last challenge ahead. Three beads, three fates. Choose wisely - 最後の挑戦です。 3つのビーズ、3つの運命。 賢くで選択してください.
Given: Trap

(Bronte): hokano PS trap agettara
(Bronte): 3 item morau yo
(Varto): Your pack might have been full
(Indy): maji
(Bronte): demo
(Gladash): Which kind do we try?
(Bronte): fullpack aru to, 1, 2 item dake moraeru
(Stryker): Ask the PS what to try
(Bronte): portal kara warpsareta basho ka 3tsu aru
(Bronte): *ha 3 tsu
(Indy): e-
(Bronte): seitsumei muzukashi w
(Stryker): 4 black eggs
(Hayate): hitotu ga wooden bead?
(Varto): If you give trap he passes 10 wooden beads, 10 glass beads, 100 stone beads
(Gladash): So one kills us?
(Bronte): saisho kara setsumeishimasu
(Varto): *10
(Hayate): un
(Satyricon): Sahll we try dropping one bead?

(Bronte): If you have a full pack you cannot get the three keys/
(Satyricon): ah
(Satyricon): Who has space?
(Gladash): I have one slot
(Bronte): full pack aru to, PS ni trap watashite, 3 item moraenai
(Satyricon): I can take one more item now
(Bronte): demo 3 slot aruto/but if you have 3 slots
(Satyricon): Does that work?
(Bronte): you get 10 glass beads/10 stone beads/10 wooden beads
(Satyricon): trap?
(Indy): yes
(Indy): bring a trap

(Satyricon): do i need the other beads?
(Varto): We dont know what to drop
(Satyricon): I only have wood
(Satyricon): Shall I give away the trap?
(Bronte): kaku bead ha, bestuno bashou ni warpsareta/ each bead will take you somewhere different
Hayate): mazu 1tu drop sitemiru?
(Kotori): unun
(Zaji): * bol flas *
(Indy): un
We prodded the guardians of the portal once more for hints on the beads but they offered no more clues.
(Satyricon): beads
(Indy): wooden
(Bronte): wood? glass? stone?
(Satyricon): wood
(mikomi): dorekara?
(Satyricon): glass
(Satyricon): stone
We eventually decided to test the Stone Bead.
Stone Beadをテストすることに決めました。
(Gladash): What order were they passed in?
(Hayate): ja stone ni suru?
(Bronte): wooden/glass/stone, Gla
(Varto): Wooden/Glass/Stone
(Indy): doredemo iiyo
(Kotori): ok
(Bronte): which? :P
(Gladash): Think that corresponds with the order they say it in?

(Hayate): first drop stone ii?
(Bronte): all have?
(Kotori): ok
(Indy): first STONE
(Stryker): We should send a probe.
(Zaji): ok
(Gladash): Clerics and rogues first
(Satyricon): ok
(Bronte): dotti????
(Hayate): ready?
(Bronte): which one?
(Indy): stone
(Hayate): stone
(Gladash): We should go now, the one to nothing probably brings us right back here
(Bronte): OK!
(Zaji): stone ok
(Stryker): Everybody's got to get stoned.
(Kotori): waiting ok
(Bronte): hahaha

(Bronte): stoned to death T_T
(Hayate): hehe
(Stryker): one to life
(Bronte): ^^
(Kotori): watasi saki ikoka?
(Bronte): uun
(Hayate): douji ga ii
(Kotori): ui
(Bronte): minna de ikou tanosi sou yo!
(Bronte): Kotori asked if she should scout ahead
(Bronte): but I think it's fun to jump in together? :p
(Hayate): ready?
(Satyricon): lets jump :P
(Varto): We face fate together
(Stryker): Kotori probe.
(Hayate): stone
(Bronte): deha stone!
(Hayate): 3
(Hayate): 2
(Hayate): 1
(Hayate): go
Dropped: Stone Bead
We arrived a spacious tiled room with lots poisonous mobs, rusts beasts and Hill Giants swarming from the southeast. A ladder North and a small portion of the room was sectioned off by rows of shelters. We destroyed some of the shelters and forced our way in to find a makeshift laboratory containing notes, ancient tomes and instructions for some subordinates.

私達は広々部屋に到着して、南東からたくさん有毒なMobやRBやHGが群がりました。 部屋のNにはしごがあります。近くに囲Shelterに囲まれた小さな仮拵え研究室を見ました。入ったら、いくつかの敵の部下へのメモと4冊の本を見ました:
The books/本:
What Aborek got wrong. Vol. 1 - Aborekが間違いましたこと Vol. 1
Dethras and His Sisters - Dethrasさんと姉妹
The Creation of a Lich - Lichを創造すること
Notes on Necromancy - Necromancyに関連してノート

The Notes/メモ:
To the New Chef: You now serve the Creed, note well our instructions - 新しいシェフへ: Creedに仕えまています、命令を聞け.
1. Ms. Moira prefers steak flambe and roasted gaper - Moiraさんはsteak flambeとroasted gaperを好みます.
2. For Mr. Estess Vorund: spider feed - Estess Vorundさんなら、クモの餌です.
4. Cpt. Isouran and his men are not picky but still prefer fish - Isouran隊長と彼の部下は偏食家ではありませんが魚の方がすきです.
5. Our esteemed leader, Doursa Lachon, enjoys raw steak - 尊敬される首脳Doursa Lachon様は生のステーキを味わいます.
6. Occasionally we host a special guest: Jalux from the lab. Vegeterian - 時々、特別のお客さんをもてなします、研究室のJaluxさん. 菜食主義者.

If you see any intruders, jump to safety - Ms Lachon's orders - 侵入者を見つけたら、はしごで安全に移動してください-Lachon様の命令.
We decided to follow their tracks and descended down the ladder which teleported us to the temple in Duldrus directly south of the Tipsy Socialist's guildhall. Unfortunately, none of the beads we had on us could activate the portal in the reverse direction but at least we made progress! We plan on returning to the Atoll in the near future.

彼らの足跡をたどることに決めて、はしごを降りました。DuldrusでTipsy Socialist GHのすぐ南にあるTempleにテレポートされました。 残念ながら、BeadでTempleからAtollDungeonに戻られませんでした。少なくともPS Portalから進みました!!! もうすぐAtollに戻る予定です。
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