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OOC Note: Now that we've got the website up and running, I'm moving here the plot summary that I put up on Discord in July 2017.

The Plot Summary attempts to tie together all the various threads of RTQs that have occurred in recent years. While most story arcs are currently stalled, it's only a matter of time before things are picked up again, and so use this as your point of reference. And then the Dramatis Personae briefly outlines all of the involved Qchars, and then others that are at least somewhat relevant.

I will update both as needed!


EDIT 2018-04-11

Link for the wiki article on the Black Shadow Assassinations:
List of old Qchars that died in the 440s, by assassination or otherwise:
Nyatha Vaup (slain by Vandrovic)
Cesca Andon (believed to have died alongside Vaup)
Vandrovic (died during Retaking of Marali in 442)

Trapped in the Void: Morgans (details at ) 
Out to sea: N'eroth
Incapacitated by vampiric curse: Pervil

Also: Marali's piece of the Curio is missing! Though no one is certain, ARDENT seems to be involved.


  • ((You're so cool you should wear red. I like that thing about it being only a matter of time before things pick up again in this corner of the forum. - Nothing like starting by posting stuff OOC.))
  • ((Vandrovic got Vaup? That must have been an interesting fight. And vampires finally revealed themselves? Fascinating))
  • ((Aye, but her death was not in vain! As I recall, she singlehandedly held him off while the rest of the citizens made their escape through the catacombs.))
  • ((We really need to update the list of recent victims, Jedd, or soon we'll be dealing with a lot of Qchar accidental resuscitation. Note my optimism: soon we'll be dealing with something!))
  • ((Noted! In addition to the wiki article I'm currently working on that explains the whole assassination thing, I will amend the top post here for a quick look at who's who.))
  • ((Poor Ellychas. I hope he had a decent funeral. And Vaup... Marali will never be the same again. Thanks for listing this, Jedd!))
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