Black Magic Activity

Rilyr heavily plopped himself down onto the bed and let out a long sigh. He was not in the warrior shape he was used to and the last few adventures had really taken him for a beating. He mulled over recent events as he tried to get some sleep. He paid the extra fee for deluxe accommodations and he didn’t want his thoughts to ruin his stay at the Friendly Turtle Inn.

What lingered in his mind was powerful magic he had not seen practiced in many moons. He had heard stories of great mages battling over a Curio during his stay in Mirith, but this mage seemed different. The mage seemed to be a rogue practitioner, or he may have been a pupil testing out his powers.

Rilyr recalled the events of the cemetery. Jastherin suggested we explore the crypt. Mokkia and Rilyr nodded in agreement and were soon joined by Friss. After a short while they felt a gust of wind coming from above and could feel a powerful presence. They had a powerful urge to flee, but curiosity kept them waiting to see what or whom was causing this.

A man in a black robe came down the ladder and threatened their lives if they did not leave. The group questioned his purpose, but he refused to answer. “Bol flas!” Lightning bolts streaked across the crypt. Rilyr healed the burn wounds as quickly as he could. Before he could catch his breath, he heard the words of black magic spoken from the man. He trembled in fear. The group readied for battle, but within an instant the mage was thrown back and hit the brick wall with a loud thud. His magic had backfired. It seemed he did not know black magic as well as he had thought.

The mage continued to chant and successfully summoned a hoard of zombies. Although succeeding, the group was able to see his skin begin to fester as the repercussions of the black magic ate at him. They shouted for him to stop. They offered to help heal him. The mage was relentless. His skin was soon completely consumed and his magic began to backfire even more.

He then turned into a zombie and poisonous gas emanated from the crypt. Enraged, he continued to attack the group. They were soon able to defeat him, but suffered from a serious amount of poison. The gas grew stronger and stronger, forcing them to flee the crypt. As if still controlled by the late mage, the gas followed them out in the open air.

The group hurried to get out of the cemetery as they saw the gas starting to swirl around. Rilyr was exhausted, having chugged the last of his mana potions. “Run!” he yelled. The cloud of gas swirled even faster and soon broke off into poison elementals. The elementals swarmed the group as they tried to recover outside the gate of the cemetery.

Finally, the elementals were defeated and the gas began to dissipate, but the image of that man morphing into a zombie in front of Rilyr’s eyes would haunt him forever. He feared more men would try and take up the art of black magic.

He got up from his bed, groaning, and double checked that his door was locked. Precautious, he casted magic reflection on the door and window. He placed his silver glaive along the side of the bed and then crawled back in and attempted to sleep.


  • Rilyr awoke in a cold sweat, shivering. "It was just a nightmare," he sighed to himself. He checked to make sure his protection spells were still active. Ever since that day at the cemetery he felt haunted. He returned to bed, but struggled to fall asleep.

    Eventually, day broke and he groggily made his way over to the bank. He met up with Mokkia and saw Jastherin milling about town. He wasn't awake for long when a stranger approached them at the bank.
    (Stranger): Ahh-
    (Stranger): Mortals!
    (Rilyr): Huh?
    (Mokkia): Hello stranger
    (Stranger): You don't understand true power!
    (Mokkia): My mumma always said never to speak to strangers
    (Stranger): *laughs hysterically*
    (Rilyr): I'm a mere alchemist, don't mind me...
    (Stranger): So weak!
    (Stranger): The power feels so good..
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    Rilyr froze. It was his nightmare come true. The words triggered him and he stood in awe.
    (Stranger): I-I can feel it!
    (Mokkia): shall i get the guards?
    (Rilyr): I'm..
    (Rilyr): Not sure..
    (Mokkia): *gulps*
    (Stranger): *stretches out hands*
    (Stranger): Take this!
    (Rilyr): Take.. what?
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): Black magic is true power!
    The stranger began summoning undead. Rilyr grabbed him potions from his bank chest while Mokkia quickly slipped into the shadows and annihilated the skeletons from behind.
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): It's so exhilerating!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): I can feel it flowing through my veins..
    (Stranger): Weaklings.. You'll never know true power!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Rilyr): What is the meaning of this!?
    (Stranger): *Starts chanting hysterically, yelling 'Mora' again and again'*
    (Stranger): I'll claim you! All of you! Only the powerful rule!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Rilyr): * clar bur rel *
    Rilyr attempted to counter by turning the undead, but struggled to keep up.
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): Do you see my power?! True power!
    (Rilyr): Stop this!
    (Stranger): Nothing can stop me!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Preldian *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Mokkia): So rude.
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Preldian *
    (Mokkia): Right that's it!
    (Stranger): See how weak your magic is!
    (Stranger): Did you enjoy a taste of my power?
    (Stranger): True magic!
    (Rilyr): No!
    (Stranger): Real magic!
    (Rilyr): Enough of this!
    (Stranger): I'll see you lovelies soon! Hahahahaha!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Preldian *
    The stranger teleported away. Mokkia and Rilyr stared at each other in disbelief.

    Ominous battle sounds from the east gate

    (Rilyr): Uh oh
    (Mokkia): ill check out the sound
    Mokkia ran towards the gate while Rilyr prepared himself for the battle to come.
    (Mokkia): ahah
    (Mokkia): Hurry!
    (Mokkia): they're storming the gate
    (Mokkia): there's a body there
    (Mokkia): two bodies!
    (Rilyr): Nothing on 'em
    (Mokkia): or any names
    (Mokkia): i wonder who they were
    (Stranger): Hahahaha!
    (Stranger): Nothing can stop this..
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Preldian *
    (Mokkia): Stop right there!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Bone Mage): Feed my power, weakling!
    (Stranger): Isn't it great? How they listen! How they bend to my will!
    (Stranger): This is pure power! Absolute power!
    (Stranger): Don't you want to test true power?
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Preldian *
    They finished battling the undead on the bridge as the stranger teleported away again.
    (Mokkia): cem?
    (Rilyr): Looks that way
    (Stranger): *tilts her head* Are you sure you should fight me here?
    (Rilyr): *stammers* N..noo
    (Stranger): Hahahaha
    (Stranger): You came here!
    (Stranger): Are you seeking true power?
    (Stranger): It feels exhilerating, so good.
    (Stranger): I just want to use it more!
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): To feel it flow through me..
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): It's like I can control the world!
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Rilyr): Stop this!
    (Stranger): Stop what?
    (Stranger): Why would anyone stop using this!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): This is a ridculous attempt?!
    (Stranger): You can barely sustain yourself!
    (Stranger): This is true magic!
    (Stranger): Not the flimsy one you practice!
    (Stranger): You can't even heal all the ill!
    (Stranger): Your cleric magic is worth NOTHING!
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Mokkia): you must stop
    (Mokkia): I've seen this before
    (Mokkia): it will end badly for you
    Mokkia tried to reason with the stranger, but it seemed the stranger was obsessed with power.
    (Stranger): End badly for me.. Or for you?
    The stranger continued to summon undead as Rilyr and Mokkia battled them. Soon, Jastherin arrived to aid them.
    Small cracks start appearing around a necklace the stranger is wearing.
    (Rilyr): Looked like the stranger's necklace was starting to break
    (Jastherin): I hope that has something to do with the magic
    (Mokkia): It's the source of her power
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Stranger): *pulls up the sleeves on her arms, showing no black spots*
    (Jastherin): * bol flas *
    (Rilyr): hmm
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Necritur *
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Jastherin): * bol flas *
    More cracks start appearing on the necklace.
    (Stranger): Its power is so intoxicating...
    (Stranger): * Mora *
    (Rilyr): You'll only hurt yourself!
    A loud crack resounds around the cemetery.
    (Jastherin): What was that
    (Rilyr): Doesn't sound good
    Black air erupts around the stranger, swirling around her, making it impossible to attack.
    (Stranger): N-no.. W-what's this?
    (Rilyr): This is your end!
    (Jastherin): * shel rel bol *
    The necklace falls to the ground, evaporating.
    (Jastherin): That's what happens when you mess with black magic
    (Mokkia): *checks*
    (Rilyr): I wouldn't touch that
    (Rilyr): But by all means, go ahead :P
    (Mokkia): It's not moving
    The body quickly withers, leaving nothing but a rotting shell.

    (Jastherin): *shakes head* Such a shame
    (Mokkia): I tried to tell her
    (Jastherin): Like the one we encountered a while back, Rilyr.
    (Rilyr): Aye
    (Jastherin): Oh, both of you actually
    (Rilyr): I wonder where they're learning this magic?
    As they discussed what had just occurred, another stranger approached the cemetery. He seemed poised with much confidence and seemed mostly interested in the remains of the black mage.
    (Jastherin): Hello
    (Stranger): Oh, hello.
    (Rilyr): Who are you?
    (Stranger): Hmm. So she died.
    (Jastherin): Indeed.
    (Stranger): A shame, the trinket did not hold longer.
    (Mokkia): You know her?
    (Jastherin): You knew her?
    (Stranger): Some adverse side effects to the mind.
    (Rilyr): Right... A shame...
    (Stranger): Ah, just someone I picked up off the street.
    (Stranger): Would have died either way.
    (Mokkia): So this is your doing?!
    (Stranger): What's your name?
    (Mokkia): Mokkia!
    (Stranger): I am sorry for the wounds you suffered.
    (Stranger): That was not part of my calculations.
    (Rilyr): What are these trinkets?
    (Stranger): Hm.
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    The new stranger began to demonstrate black magic of his own.
    (Stranger): * bol flas *
    (Zombie): Biiig braaaaiiinnnsss...
    (Rilyr): Necripax.. I've never even heard that word before...
    (Stranger): * flas bur des *
    (Stranger): I wouldn't expect you to.
    (Rilyr): So..
    (Mokkia): Where did you learn that spell?
    (Stranger): *Scoops up the ashes of the trinket*
    (Rilyr): What is your name?
    (Stranger): Names hold power.
    (Rilyr): Aye.
    (Stranger): I'd prefer not to share mine.
    (Rilyr): *nods*
    (Rilyr): Then do share your purpose.
    (Jastherin): * bol flas *
    (Stranger): Research and understanding is the ultimate goal, of course.
    (Rilyr): Of course.
    (Jastherin): *nods*
    (Rilyr): But this be the second time we've been attacked.
    (Rilyr): Do explain why we shouldn't have you killed?
    (Stranger): Hm.
    (Stranger): Do you think you can?
    (Mokkia): Of course we could
    (Rilyr): We have the means.
    (Stranger): Black magic is more than just mere necromancy.
    (Jastherin): You wouldn't want to test us.
    (Stranger): That is just.. Child's play.
    (Jastherin): * bol flas *
    (Stranger): Hmm.. Let's see
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsa Necripax *
    (Stranger): Undead such as these are rather low and easy to deal with.
    (Stranger): Let's see..
    (Stranger): Before I depart, perhaps an example.
    (Rilyr): How could we say no to that?
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen N'eshra Aegis *
    The group stood in awe as the mage did not summon another wave of undead, but rather a harpie appeared in front of them.
    (Stranger): Do enjoy your day at the cemetary.
    (Jastherin): Will do.
    (Stranger): * Mora Olsen Preldian *
    The mage teleported away, leaving questions unanswered.
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