As the Lucky Moon began to wane, Sulovir II sat at the dining table of the Hidden Vale. His lobster pie had already gone cold. Amayza walked over to him, “Dear, put that book down and finish your supper.”

Startled, as he had lost track of time, “Huh!? Oh, uh, no no. Look at this!” Sulovir sets the book titled “Witch Doctor” down on the table and points,

“‘also known as Doc, was a powerful privateer and a practitioner of Black Magic. Initially a member of Jack the Red’s crew, the Witch Doctor assumed command after Jack’s untimely death in the Dancing Moon of Year 434.

Still others suspected that the Witch Doctor was in league with the Venom Cult and the Division of Diabolical Devices. The two organizations were already conspiring against Andris at the time, ...”

Sul looks up at Amayza, “So apparently this Doc guy stole back Jack’s Katana from the Andris Senate, it’s very well made and well, that’s not the point.” Sul takes a moment to breath, “Just a few weeks ago, we found supply crates in the Volcano, to be brought to the Laboratory I believe. There was also a note saying they ordered senator robes from Waltham. With the Blue Moon and its festival coming up, I fear something the worst for Andris.”

Amayza gasps, “What makes you say that?”

“I fear Doc may also be involved, somehow, and could be working with the DDD.” Sulovir grabbed his notebook and began flipping through the pages, “We met some privateers a while back, unfortunately it was overshadowed by the token master sharing new rewards. I hope I took proper notes on the conversation with the lass we met, Two-toed Marie.”

(Human): Arrrgh. * spits * Don't be lookin' fer trouble on these 'ere waters, ye hear?
(Human): Two-Toed Marie, I be. 'n who might be askin'?

Jastherin inquires about her toes.

(Human): Cut them off meself, I did. Gangrene.

(Human): I be just an old crone, minding me own. Two toes be no good fer sailin'.
(Human): Many moons ago, aye, I were a deckhand fer ol' Doc.
(Human): There was a time 'e would bring me silks and lace, tellin' stories by the fireplace...
(Human): Now 'e only comes to port fer pleasure. 'e'll sink ye with a kiss, 'n sail away!

(Human): I be parched! Fetch me a dram o' rum, why don't ye?
(Human): * hiccup * Thank 'e.

(Human): Proper generous of ye laddies.
(Human): Ol' Doc worked these 'ere leathers fer me.

(Jastherin): Where is Ol' Doc?
(Human): Only once in a blue moon 'e comes down, nowadays.
(Human): Who know where he be!
(Human): 'e ain't taken too kindly to by the authorities, o' course.
(Human): Cuttin' off a senator's 'and do tend to 'ave that effect.

(Lenne): yikes

(Jastherin): Woah there

(Human): Ancient 'istory, I tell ye!
(Human): Ol' Jack ain't even 'round no more.

(Jastherin): Tell us the ancient story
(Jastherin): Ol' Jack?

(Lenne): Jack the Red?

(Human): I s'pose ye ain't 'eard of Jack the Red, 'ave ye.
(Human): Ye do? Then ye ought to know who Doc is, then.
(Human): * sighs wistfully *
(Human): He were quite easy on the eyes, weren't he?
(Human): Jack passed, long long ago…
(Human): Ol' Doc tried to avenge 'is spirit, o' course.
(Human): Bloody scoundrel kidnapped that senator fer years, 'e did! Yohoho!
(Human): Once in a Blue Moon, ye can hear 'em laughin' out to sea... * winks *

(Elsbeta Balloc): Which Senator?

(Human): Fieltler be her name.

(Elsbeta Balloc): Ah , I remember her.

(Human): I s'pose she's probably retired by now.

(Lenne): why did he do that?
(Human): Oh, ye flatter me! Inquirin' on these tales o' yore...
(Human): Ol' Doc kidnapped Fieltler fer ransom.

(Garath): To get Jack's Katana back

(Jastherin): So what of the katana now?

(Human): Who know where that ol' sword be now. Eeheehee!

(Elsbeta Balloc): Was nice to have met you Marie

(Human): Arrgh.

Sulovir closed his notebook, “We also intercepted a shipment of supplies being delivered to the fort that day.”

Amayza, not so fond of violence, pointed at the part about leather, “What is this?”

“Oh!” Sul exclaimed, “Yes, she wore this blue leather.. I had never seen it before! I suppose we should be on the lookout for Doc if we wish to acquire some.”

“Aha, yes” she replied, “it’s a good thing we live in the mountains and this Witch Doctor can’t sail up here!”

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