The Happiest Days of Our Lives

“Stone? With wood?”
“Yes, Mayoress, our company works with innovative materials. If you surround the bookcases with stone, they are much less likely to burn.”
“But what about the kids? Isn’t that a bit… solemn? And cold?”

The Mayoress turned the drawing around. It had enough windows, room for desks and stools… “Where will they eat?” she inquired. “The village restaurants all offered to serve meals, ma’am. The walk is not far and the fresh air will be good for them. At least, until Lerilin has the money to expand the canteen.”

Money was an issue. After a few bake sales and a lot of diplomatic meetings with the villagers, Marigold had managed to collect just enough to get the construction works started. The school would be ready in no time!


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