Vanguardian Undercover

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The Vanguardian sat in the Dragon’s Breath Forge, hammering out every last imperfection in his plate breast when he heard rummaging around outside of the Inn. He threw on his armor to investigate the noise and discovered countless rats between the city walls and the inn, some had even found their way into Opal’s Inn. At first, he thought that this increased number of rats was due to their regular breeding season. However, as he continued to exterminate them in the sewers he stumbled upon a handful of brigands.

One after another they would ask him, “Are you the cleric?” How strange, he thought. They seemed hesitant to attack him, all the while Amere was worried for this cleric’s safety.

“Are you the cleric?”

Amere fought his first instinct to strike down the brigand, “What cleric? Answer me and you may live.”

The brigand responded, “Bah, why not? We're waiting for someone from Brigobaen.”

“Which someone?” The fighter asked with his katana at the brigand’s throat.

“If I knew, I wouldn' have asked!”

Amere shook the man, “So you're just down here to kill any cleric that comes down to the sewers?”

The brigand escaped his grasp, lunged towards him and shouted, “I’m not here to kill anyone!”

Amere struck him to the ground with a single blow to the head.

The fighter continued making his way through the sewers, careful not to dirty his favorite pair of royal blue boots.

“Are you the cleric?”

Without hesitating, he told them he was, in fact, the cleric.

“Stuff’s in the shelter” said another Brigand.

The Cleric Amere was confused, but he tried to go along with it. He hadn’t acted in a while, but
he did his best to play his role well. “Can you help me kill the rats? I’m not used to wearing this heavy armor.” He dropped the armor to the ground and sheathed his katana.

“Did you bring the tokens?”

He nodded. “I did, but I need the stuff before I hand it over.”

The brigand and the cleric made their way to a shelter, with a box of supplies next to it and two other brigands pacing around the area. Amere had managed to convince them he was a cleric by pairing his Ring of Lesser Heal and the word “pur”. Countless adventures with his friends Nedved II and Iceane had taught him how to do a reasonable cleric impersonation.

There was a note Amere found in the crate, it read: I’ll bring you tokens for “spices.” Meet you in the sewers of Mirith.

He suspected this note was from the actual cleric that this rugged group of brigands was looking for. They mentioned the cleric was from Brigobaen, which greatly troubled the royal guard. He also found in the crate: 3 sacks of spice, a cleric token, a couple handfuls of candles, and a few andris banana cakes. The trade was tokens for spice, so Amere said he must have lost them after digging around in his pack for quite some time.
He was able to gather some final information before departing from the sewers: The boss to the brigands wanted tokens to trade with a person named Barren, who apparently is interested in any type of token. When he asked further about Barren, he could only gather that he was some sort of pirate.

The Cleric Amere and the group of brigands agreed that Amere could pay his debt of tokens directly to the boss.

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