Beware the Birds

Carefully, he grinds a few cloves of garlic and a small piece of coal into mortar and pestle. He grabs a poison gland and squeezes the juices out of it into a bottle. Slowly, he pours in the powdered mixture and stirs it gently, placing it on the bank tiles to set. The Marali environment grows on him the more he stays, and mixing poison calms his mind. He didn’t have a whole lot else to do in his downtime. He waits for adventurers to report golems and he helps slay them. The mixture in the bottle on the floor finally sets and he grabs a cork to seal it when he hears footsteps just outside the door. He hears something about “...the lake” and the door begins to open, he sees a guard salute and a Marali Scout walks in.

“Hi there,” Sulovir II says casually as he quickly hides his poisoning ingredients. They share some banter, Sul hands over a couple of jade artifacts from his previous adventures in the woods and wishes the scout safe travels. Once he was sure the scout was gone, he slips into the shadows and makes his way to the lake.

In no time he finds himself being chased by a flock of harpies.
He finds a nest, full of sea bass. “Strange,” he thought, “I wonder if these are the birds the scout was talking about..”

After scouting the forest a bit longer, he decides to return home to Mirith for a day.

He resupplies his potions and sharpens his daggers and heads back to Marali to report the nest of harpies. He looks up before dropping his pure purple crystal into the portal, the moon is nearly full. Upon arriving, he already senses things are uneasy in the woods.
Through the fog he is able to find a trail of harpie feathers, which he follows deeper into the woods.
He feels a freezing gust of wind, a ghost appears!
The trail of feathers runs cold. He is left with two bracken and a pile of dirt. Luroth, following his trail, joins him in defeating the bracken. The two look through the fog, trying to find another clue.
Sulovir remembers what the ghost said, something about confiding in the gray. His first thought is death, he needs to die to be able to communicate with the ghost. He goes to plant a bracken seed into the dirt and before he could say anything to Luroth, he finds himself in a cave.
He finds many chests and many crates of supplies. Naturally, he goes through them. There is a chest of grand master quality long bows, another of arrows, and several more with basic survival equipment. He searches more and finds some structure. Further in, a shelter. He hears groans coming from inside.
"Bracken seeds... mushroom rings... take me to Marali..." Sulovir had no time to communicate with the man.
He lifts the unconscious body and heaves it onto his shoulder, and looks for an exit. He finds Luroth. "No time to talk, we need to get this man to Marali." Sulovir shouts immediately.

"Here, doesn't this place feel familiar to you?" Luroth gestures down a hallway, at the end they find a ring of mushrooms. Luroth opens the chest and reveals it full of bracken seeds.

"This is it, drop a bracken seed in the ring." Sulovir explains, as he drops a seed of his own.
They begin their return to Marali and meet up with Breigje Balloc. Thankfully, she also sensed the danger in the woods. Bone Mages begin to appear and attack the group. With a body over his back, Sulovir evades what he can while Breigje turns the undead. An assassin appears from the shadows and stabs Luroth.
"Watch your backs!" Sulovir yells, he knew how dangerous of a situation they were in.
"This is some strong poison!" Luroth gasps as he tries to contain his poisoned stab wound.
The group bolts to town as quickly as they can and bring the man to the temple.
Unfortunately, Cleric George is unable to help him and suggests they take him into the fort. There, they meet Rydelia Fayn and a couple more Bone Mages. After fighting off the last of the undead, Sulovir sets the man down in the fort and tries to explain to Rydelia Fayn what had just happened. None of them are able to recognize the stranger and Rydelia Fayn lifts him up to take him to a room down below. "I know someone who might be able to [recognize him]" she says, salutes, and takes off into the lower level of the fort.


  • Chatter can be heard outside of the bank of Marali. Sulovir II, Lillium, Breigje Balloc and Suomous discuss their possible plans for the day. Golems, perhaps?

    Rydelia Fayn enters the bank.


    “Good evening, one and all.”

    They exchanged pleasantries.

    “What brings you to the bank, Rydelia?” Lillium wondered aloud.

    “Good Maralian stock and trustworthy allies are what we require today. There is a guest in our city, as some of you know already. One currently incapacitated. A man by the name of ... Peytra Gray.”

    “Aha, the man has a name,” said Sulovir.

    “It was the most we could get from his few moments of lucidity, aye. Not much to go on, I must admit.”

    “ Understood. He is gravely injured, it seems,” Sulovir added.

    “Exactly. Our many healers' attempts to cure him have all been to no avail. As such, the Commander has requested the presence of an old Maralian dignitary.”


    “I speak of Mother Altaira Mei. The woman resides in Brigobaen, these days.“

    “That's quite a journey, especially now..”

    “ Yes, hence my request to you all. I was hoping we might be able to employ your party as escort. It should be a relatively quick mission, given the portals. But as you saw with that assassin from the Creed, the
    other night, we can't be too safe.”

    “Sure, we’ll bring an extra pure,” Lillium responded, eager to help.

    “Very good,” Rydelia responded. “Mother Mei has already received a missive from us, and will be expecting an escort. We ensured her only the most trustworthy warriors
    would be employed.“

    “Sounds good. Thank you for trusting us! I should probably shake Lenne awake, for added muscle...” said Lillium

    “Yes, bring who you can. Stay sharp, and be safe. And remember, even in dark times such as these... Marali will prevail!” Rydelia saluted the escorts, and left the bank.


    Later that day, Brigobaen temple.

    (Lenne): you guys seen Mother Mei around?
    (Cecilia): Mother Mei was just in the libraries, downstairs.
    (Lenne): ah, so were we! must've missed her
    (Breigje Balloc): Thank you!
    (Lenne): thanks Cecilia
    The group headed back to the basement of Brigobaen.
    (Sulovir II): Hi there
    (Altaira Mei): Ah. Good evening.
    (Sulovir II): Your escort has arrived.
    Altaira Mei): Oh, so soon? Most impressive.
    (Lenne): we're waiting for just one more escort
    (Altaira Mei): I take it we are to move under the cover of night to avoid being seen, then.
    (Lenne): a ranger, very important to have on an escort!
    (Altaira Mei): Yes, imperative.
    Suomous): While up top I spotted a Rogue. We must be careful on our exit.
    (Altaira Mei): Oh my. We must hasten to the portals, then.

    As they made their way to the ginseng portal, the fifth escort, Danery, arrived. They made it to Mirith unharmed, and continued their journey toward the portal. Along the road, a freezing wind brushed by them.

    (Lenne): ah
    (Altaira Mei): * shivers *
    (Sulovir II): Oooh
    (Danery): The crossroads are dangerous
    (Altaira Mei): This is unusual...
    (Danery): I sense many creatures. Use caution.
    (Altaira Mei): We proceed, with caution.


    The group fought a seemingly unending number of skeletons, zombies, and bone mages, but finally approached the portal.

    (Danery): Stop. No more luring, I sense something large lurking at the portal.
    (Sulovir II): Wraith
    (Altaira Mei): Wraiths...
    (Lenne): Makes sense. Stay here
    (Wraith): I will feast on your soul!
    (Sulovir II): I hate those things
    (Altaira Mei): * shivers *
    (Altaira Mei): Frightful, are they not?

    Many wraiths were fought, and after the long battle, they were finally able to advance to Marali.

    (Altaira Mei): The air here... more crisp, more fresh. It is good to be home.
    (Lenne): isn't it?
    (Altaira Mei): Notwithstanding the dreadful circumstances...
    (Lenne): welcome back to Marali
    (Altaira Mei): * smiles * Thank you, my dear.
    (Sulovir II): I think Fayn mentioned they were downstairs?
    (Altaira Mei): Good to know. I will go and find her posthaste, then. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
    (Lenne): if you ever need anything, we're always willing!
    (Breigje Balloc): It was an honor
    (Altaira Mei): * smiles warmly *
    (Altaira Mei): Goddess willing, I will have good news for you soon.
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