What's For Dinner?

The rest of the group, Suomous, Breigje Balloc, and Luroth, were not too far behind him. The Harvest Moon had reached its waning gibbous and they were all eager to return back to work. “Where’s the commander?” Sulovir eyed the guard posted outside of the bank sternly. The guard merely shrugged in reply as the group arrived and divvied out what loot they had collected. “Alright, well… take this” Sulovir hands the guard his report, addressed to the commander.

Commander McTyr,

First and foremost, I relocated that Ice Golem I mentioned earlier. Suomous and I made quick work melting it down and collecting its jade amulet.

Secondly, we met up with Breigje Balloc and Luroth and were able to defeat a Stone Golem near Aborek. With it, we found a jade pin.

I will keep the jade artifacts and coordinates with me until we can meet again and discuss the bounty on these golems. In the meantime, I must warn you of a troubling event we witnessed.

After defeating the Stone Golem, our group scouted out more of the forest, and just south of town we smelled something terrible. Nay, it was neither poison elementals or zombies, as common as they are in this area. Rather, we found a congregation of trolls cooking dinner. I couldn’t exactly make out what was roasting over their fire, but it seemed they had trouble corralling the gapers and the horrible scent may have just been them, and not the food.

As we neared, their eyes crazed and they came to attack us. “Rogues are tasty!” echoed through my ears. We managed to vanquish them and amidst their bonfires we found a note and a satchel.

“Mara is busy. Trolls collect weps.” From whom these orders are, is unknown to us. Beside the note, the satchel was filled to the brim with swords and bows. The weapons have been destroyed in case anyone returned to the camp. We shall continue to scout the area.


Sulovir Lichslayer II


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