All Eyes on You

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He informed them that Marali had deliberately leaked information to Fiadoryx regarding the piece of the Curio that he had stolen from the void gate. He now has information that to restore its power all he had to do was bring it near the Curio that lay within the statue of Elara within Mirith’s walls.

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“Eyes wide open! Note down all they do at the hall. Don’t be seen. - P”


The fighter tapped his fingers at the desk as he squinted at the note, reading it over again for the hundredth time. The increasingly dim light of a single candle was all that there was to ward off the darkness that engulfed the room. Any more candles, and Lans would complain that he couldn’t sleep. In any event, it was just a few more minutes now until the end of the fighter’s watch. Though the ever reliable Yin and Yang kept their many eyes trained on the front gate, the pair could not watch the windows, and times such as these demanded heightened security.

A sudden yawn came over the fighter. To keep the sleepiness at bay, Jedd had been mulling over the many theories and possibilities in his mind - the nature of the attacks, the rationale behind them… not that it was necessary. He just needed to remind himself of how many days he had spent in the mines, blissfully unaware of the menacing eyes tracing his every move… and the sleep would be warded off for hours.

A loud snore pierced through the eerie silence. To the fighter’s side, Lans slept soundly on a makeshift bed of furs that had been crammed into the study. Normally the fighter would make a fuss at the distraction. But now, on this dark, unsettling night… he was grateful.

“Don’t be seen. - P”

The P would be Petula the Fighter, of course. The powerful ex-lover of Lord Fiadoryx. Probably an ex-Diabolical, too. And the one who had been behind all of the recent attacks on The Hidden Vale. Jedd thought he’d seen the last of her at the Battle of the Growing Moon, when the Vale had repelled Petula’s massive assault. He’d assumed that Petula had fallen during the fighting. Instead, it would seem, she had simply been watching, and waiting. Biding her time.

But Petula had gotten too careless, and now the Vale was back on highest alert.

Day 43 of the Harvest Moon, a pair of mercenaries and their gapers were intercepted outside the Vale.


Day 76, a sizable fleet of gapers were found inside the Vale proper.


Day 78, a significantly bigger contingent of mercenaries was found inside the Hidden Forest.




And all of them, now slain. Jedd wondered what had caused Petula to finally slip up - was her burning hatred for Annabel starting to take its toll? Jedd thought back to the Battle of the Growing Moon. At its conclusion, the Vale had recovered and restored a letter written by Petula, addressed to Fiadoryx. “We have finally assembled a fort to put an end to those meddlers,” Petula had written. “Especially that pretty face, the ranger you said reminded you of someone. It will be a pleasure to see her burn. Call it my personal revenge from the way you treated me yesterday.”

Then, on the most recent battle of Day 78, another of Petula’s letters was found. The fighter removed the letter from the stack of papers and held it to the light of the candle.

“Dear Brother,

I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important. But my heart bleeds for Fifi. If I can’t have him, neither can she! Lure that pretty face to her death. She won’t track in here. Love, your sister.

Bring me the books I asked you for. Fifi will love me for them.”

The fighter felt his heart beating faster. Petula’s plan to trap them in the Hidden Forest was undeniably cunning, but clearly, Petula was becoming more and more unhinged. Annabel hadn’t so much as met Lord Fiadoryx before. And now, it looked as if the Vale might be in even greater danger - Annabel had noticed that one of the mercenaries from Day 78 was carrying a pair of arcane tomes: one of them plain and unadorned, and the other one bound in a fiery red reminiscent of the infernal regions. Annabel’s next thought was a logical one: was the mercenary who bore these tomes, in actuality the brother of Petula? If so, the future promised to be grim for both sides of this fight. Who would’ve known the havoc that could be wrought by mere jealousy and heartbreak!

The sound of footsteps approaching from the hallway shook Jedd back to attention. Torchlight spilled through the crack beneath the door. The door creaked open, and there in the threshold emerged the gaunt, stubbled face of Ryen.

“Bloody hell, man,” Ryen said. “Go get some sleep.”


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    Armed with the Infernal and Ancient Tomes meant for Lord Fiadoryx, Annabel, Jedd, Kanan, Breigje Balloc and Sulovir II set off to visit Rellia. Hopefully, she would have some information on them.

    The group arrived at the cave, and thankfully none of Z’s poison fog traps had been set. They slowly worked their way to the library, but Rellia was nowhere to be found. Only a note from Z.


    Annabel left a note of her own.


    I have some interesting books in my possession that were meant as a gift for Lord Fiadoryx. Perhaps they’ll be of use to you? Lillium told me you could be trusted... let me know if you have any interest.

    - Annabel of The Hidden Vale

    The group returned to Mirith without further incident.
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    The fighter trudged toward the gate as sundown approached, his muscles beyond aching from the latest mining expedition – his longest yet this moon, he noted with weary satisfaction. The woods had been remarkably quiet over the past several days, which ought to have been enough to soothe his worries, yet the reality was his nerves had never before felt so tense. He struggled to remember a time when those nerves had last enjoyed a moment's rest. From the sudden resurgence of the D.D.D., to the perilous campaign within the Void Realm, to the struggles of the present day... it had certainly been many moons.

    Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of something moving to the side. There, on the old tree, just before the gate, a tattered scrap of paper flapped about in the wind, threatening to break loose from the nail which secured it. Instinctively, the fighter spun around, hand on his hilt. No one to be seen, and only the wind to be heard as it rustled through the trees. Satisfied, the fighter turned back and drew closer to the note.

    "MURDERERS! Revenge will be bitter."


    Unsigned, the fighter noted. But he knew already who its author was. He was even beginning to recognize the surprisingly refined script.

    The fighter ripped the note from its post, and marched straight into the building, past the loyal spiders, down the hallway, and into the study. Coming to his writing desk, he took a seat and began to pen a note for his guildmates.

    "Petula has caught wind of her brother's death. Do not let your guard down. - J."

  • After successfully evading a Bone Mage by slipping into the long shadows of evening, Sulovir II approached the Vale. The sun had almost set and as he was about to sheath his dagger, he noticed a figure sitting at the table. She had long, bright, red hair. Sulovir gripped his dagger. “Ah, hi there” he accidentally shouted, nervously.

    Startled, the figure turned around in the chair. “Oh! Hello” she said. Sulovir looked over his shoulder and nodded at the guards. Yin and Yang took their position of high alert at the gate. He didn’t want anyone looking in. He put his dagger in its sheath and tossed his bag over by his chest. He lowered his voice as he caught up with the figure.

    After the brief exchange of pleasantries, she stood up.

    (Petula): Hey, listen, I'd been wondering about something.

    (Petula): Did you or anyone else ever find some books, not too long ago?
    (Petula): Books with some unusual information on the Curio.
    (Petula): I was going to give them to... him...

    (Sulovir II): I see
    (Petula): But now, I just hope he never got them.

    This made Sulovir a bit nervous. He didn’t want to reopen the wound of murdering her brother, but he did remember escorting Annabel with the Infernal Tome they found that day.

    (Sulovir II): Let me think,
    (Sulovir II): I don't recall anything about the Curio,
    (Sulovir II): But I think we did find a tome

    (Petula): Oh?

    (Sulovir II): Yes
    (Sulovir II): I think Rellia is studying it for us

    (Petula): Rellia? Wow.
    (Petula): Well, that sure beats... him.

    (Sulovir II): Aye
    (Sulovir II): He's not exactly the type we would trust with a tome, anyway
    (Sulovir II): Or trust at all really

    Sulovir eyed the figure with suspicion, unsure if he should have even told her that much.

    (Petula): A lesson learned the hard way, for me. * sighs *
    (Petula): He's planning something. I know it.
    (Petula): But... I just have no idea what that plan is.

    (Sulovir II): We think so, too.
    (Sulovir II): He always has this obsessive fog around him..
    (Sulovir II): It whispered to me the other day

    (Petula): Oh... * looks sick *
    (Petula): I don't even want to think about it.

    (Sulovir II): Something about sssssouls
    (Sulovir II): Reminded me of the lizard man,
    (Sulovir II): I felt nauseous

    (Petula): I know exactly what you mean.
    (Petula): I think I may go take a walk, now.
    (Petula): * throws hood on *

    She started heading towards the gate and Sulovir warned her of the Bone Mage he saw earlier.

    (Hooded Figure): First sign of trouble, I'm gone.
    (Hooded Figure): No one can know.
    (Hooded Figure): Th... thank you, again.

    (Sulovir II): Aye, of course.
    (Sulovir II): Stay safe

    (Hooded Figure): You as well.
    (Sulovir II): *smiles*
    (Hooded Figure): * waves *

    After the figure disappeared from sight in the distance, Sulovir grabbed his things and headed back to town. He hoped he would run into Annabel and the group they found the Infernal Tome with. They needed to follow up with Rellia, now knowing that the tome contains information regarding the Curio, and see if they could decipher Fiadoryx’s plans.
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    Annabel takes the familiar path South from the Hidden Vale guild hall toward Mirith, when she finds herself enveloped in fog...

    (Annabel): a
    (Annabel): uh
    (Fiadoryx): You there.
    (Annabel): hello
    (Fiadoryx): * eyes badge *


    (Fiadoryx): Let us not mince words. A certain colleague of mine has been causing you trouble, I understand.
    (Annabel): yes.. quite a bit
    (Fiadoryx): She... troubles me as well.
    (Annabel): oh?
    (Fiadoryx): * smiles faintly * Let us just hope you are prepared for her next strike.
    (Annabel): oh great...
    (Fiadoryx): And the next one, and the next one after...
    (Annabel): what should we do exactly to get her to leave us alone?
    (Fiadoryx): Vile woman she is. It seems only death can stop her.
    (Annabel): ah... well that is unfortunate
    (Annabel): why is she so obsessed with you?
    (Fiadoryx): Would that I knew. Suffice it to say we had a... dalliance, some time ago. The minds of some, I will never understand.
    (Annabel): mhm..
    (Fiadoryx): Now then. I can offer to you some classified information on the timing of her next attack.
    (Annabel): oh??
    (Fiadoryx): I do not have it, yet. But it is easy enough for me to acquire. In exchange, I would like a simple favor.
    (Annabel): what's that?
    (Fiadoryx): Take care of her.
    (Fiadoryx): * smiles *
    (Annabel): never thought i'd be working with .. you. i'll run it by my guildmates.
    Fiadoryx): Consider it well. And seek me at the Voidgate, when you do.
    (Annabel): thanks.. i think?
    (Fiadoryx): * Mora *
    (Fiadoryx): It was a pleasure.
    (Annabel): uh-huh
    (Fiadoryx): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

    Something seems to be humming in the direction of the bank boxes.

    (Annabel): !
    (Annabel): Beta come with meeee
    (Annabel): *tugs robe*

    A tongue of flames bursts into the air!


    (Annabel): !!!
    (Elsbeta Balloc): *rushes in unprepared*
    (Annabel): bats? why?
    (Elsbeta Balloc): ??

    Inspecting your bank box, you see a tome glowing.

    (Annabel): oo
    Withdrawn: Infernal Tome
    (Annabel): the infernal tome?
    (Annabel): causing issues i guess..

    The tome seems to emanate heat.

    Annabel): what is this crazy day!
    (Elsbeta Balloc): tome may explode
    (Annabel): what should i doooo
    (Elsbeta Balloc): i dont know
    (Annabel): try to take it to Rellia again? take it to.. him? i need advice!
    (Elsbeta Balloc): Im thinking!
    (Annabel): i've never been in charge of an infernal tome before!
    (Annabel): i need to get rid of this thing!
    (Sulovir II): no no
    (Sulovir II): you can now be a bat summoner
    (Annabel): an exploded bat summoner
    (Elsbeta Balloc): It's hot!
    (Sulovir II): ah right. maybe we take it to the ID instead, let it cool off
    (Annabel): that's one option, yes
    (Annabel): Amereeee
    (Amere): Oh, hi there. How is everyone?
    (Annabel): i'm.. warm
    (Annabel): you see, we found this infernal tome
    Amere): Well, let's see it then
    Given to Amere: Infernal Tome
    (Amere): Hmm..
    (Annabel): it's all hot and explodey and bats came out of it
    (Amere): * inspects Tome *
    (Amere): Seems like a smart idea to keep it around..

    The tome glows with a radiant warmth.

    (Annabel): it does?!
    (Annabel): but it booms and bats!
    (Amere): Absolutely not. I'd expect you to keep it in your guild's hall from now on.
    Taken from Amere: Infernal Tome
    (Annabel): well... should we take it to the person it was intended for?
    (Amere): Oh, who is it intended for?
    (Annabel): .. oh you know
    (Annabel): Lord Fiadoryx
    (Amere): Of course, that seems like something he would be interested in.
    (Annabel): but he is.. decidedly not a good guy?
    Amere): I'd prefer it go to Rellia
    (Annabel): same. we can check on her first?
    (Amere): I like that idea.
    (Annabel): ok let's do that!

    The adventurers head off to mercenary cave to deliver the Infernal Tome.

    As you step on the rune, you hear a loud pop.


    (Elsbeta Balloc): umm
    (Gohbo): woops
    (Annabel): a Z trap. Elara knows what this time
    (Annabel): not his usual poison fog
    (Sulovir II): Oh boy. SG
    (Zaedrem): Gah!
    (Annabel): oh!
    (Sulovir II): ah
    (Amere): Who are you?
    (Sulovir II): Hi there
    (Zaedrem): That wasn't supposed to happen.
    (Zaedrem): * inspects *
    Annabel): what *was* supposed to happen? :)
    (Zaedrem): Aha. That part did seem to happen. One moment... * fiddles *
    (Zaedrem): * flas bur des *
    (Gohbo): *points to throat*
    (Zaedrem): Finally, the silence trap seems to have worked.
    (Gohbo): *gasps*
    (Zaedrem): Really bad timing with that golem.
    (Gohbo): I... can talk again
    (Annabel): aha
    (Gohbo): Thank you
    (Zaedrem): I'll go find Rellia.
    (Annabel): ohhh good
    (Amere): Who is this guy?
    (Annabel): he's the guy who makes the poison fog traps :)
    (Gohbo): I had a feeling I shouldn't have stepped on that rune..
    (Zaedrem): Wouldn't you know it, she's not here.
    (Annabel): well, maybe i can ask you to take a peek at this tome?
    (Zaedrem): Oh, a tome?
    (Annabel): yes, it's.. explodey. so be careful!
    Given to Zaedrem: Infernal Tome
    (Zaedrem): Hmm... oh, hot!
    (Zaedrem): * opens the tome carefully *
    (Annabel): bats came out of it earlier..

    A page falls from the tome. It bursts into flames.

    (Zaedrem): Uhoh...
    (Annabel): see what i mean?

    Fire elementals appeared from thin air.

    (Elsbeta Balloc): That tome holds some power
    (Annabel): so what are your thoughts on this tome?
    (Zaedrem): I saw something on the cover page. The name "Clara". I don't know what to make of it, at this point, myself.
    (Annabel): think Rellia would be interested?
    (Zaedrem): No source of information is to be ignored.
    (Annabel): it was supposed to be a gift to Fiadoryx, from Petula
    (Zaedrem): I don't know of a Petula, but now that is interesting.
    (Annabel): well, thanks for taking that off my hands!
    (Zaedrem): Fiadoryx seeks incomprehensible power. You were wise not to give it to him. If I may ask a favor... make sure he does not find out we have it.
    (Amere): That was our thinking as well.
    (Annabel): our lips are sealed
    (Zaedrem): * nods *
    (Gohbo): *nods*
    (Elsbeta Balloc): *agrees*
    (Zaedrem): I will let you know what this book is all about, when we find out.
    (Amere): So, what’s your story, stranger?
    (Zaedrem): Hah. Well. The story is long. I... I was a Diabolical once, myself. * spits *
    (Gohbo): Oh?
    (Zaedrem): Then I got left to die in some abandoned facility. Made friends with the walls.
    (Zaedrem): You know, the usual.
    (Amere): But of course.
    (Zaedrem): Rellia found me eventually. Now then, there's much work to be done.
    (Gohbo): Of course
    (Annabel): good luck with your traps. and don't hurt yourself with that book!
    (Amere): We look forward to hearing from you.
    (Zaedrem): My thanks.
    (Zaedrem): I'm sure I will! * cackles *
    (Sulovir II): Should we meet up with Fifi now?
    (Annabel): silly wizard
    (Amere): Yes

    They set off to the Void Gate.

    (Fiadoryx): We meet again.
    (Sulovir II): You must be... Fifi
    (Annabel): *cringes*
    (Fiadoryx): * eyes twitch *
    (Amere): With a cloud of smoke no less.
    (Fiadoryx): You've met our common problem, however.
    (Sulovir II): Ah yes, I have seen the eyes.
    (Fiadoryx): * sighs *
    (Fiadoryx): What a pity, this old thing...

    He gestures at the Void Gate.

    (Fiadoryx): * trails off *
    (Annabel): yeah this old thing you sort of destroyed
    (Fiadoryx): Stunning, the conclusions I have come to.
    (Annabel): oh?
    (Fiadoryx): In due time, in due time. Have you considered my offer, then?

    Annabel turns to Sulovir.

    (Annabel): we've considered it yes?
    (Sulovir II): *nods*
    (Fiadoryx): You will take care of her?
    (Fiadoryx): * looks around furtively *
    (Sulovir II): I think that seems to be a fair deal.
    (Annabel): we'll do it
    (Fiadoryx): There is little time to lose. She attacks tomorrow, at dawn. Her fury and rage is untamed.
    (Amere): Attacks where?
    (Annabel): the vale, i'm assuming
    (Fiadoryx): Do not underestimate her, if you are to succeed.
    (Gohbo): Noted.
    (Fiadoryx): I can only assume, under the helmet, you must be the 'pretty face'.
    (Annabel): ahh
    (Fiadoryx): Do not let your guard down.
    (Annabel): let's go prepare!
    (Fiadoryx): Farewell, then, farewell!
    (Gohbo): Farewell.
    (Annabel): yeahh
    (Fiadoryx): * Mora Olsa Preldian *
    (Annabel): *wafts fog*
    (Annabel): get out of here
    (Amere): So where is Petula attacking?
    (Amere): Is that how you say her name?
    (Annabel): the hidden vale GH
    (Annabel): Petula, yes
    (Amere): What does she attack with?
    (Sulovir II): Gapers, brigands, bracken
    (Annabel): but she may show herself today, if she's all riled up. she's a fighter
    (Annabel): she thinks Fiadoryx has feelings for me, or something. i only just met him for the first time today
    (Amere): He called you pretty
    (Annabel): *grumbles*

    They return to Mirith to prepare.

    (Annabel): we ready?
    (Sulovir II): ready
    (nanasisan): ready
    (Buck): okee
    (Annabel): we scared?
    (Sulovir II): scared

    The group heads North to the Hidden Vale guild hall.

    (Sulovir II): Maybe Fifi will help us
    (Annabel): oh wouldn't we be so lucky
    (Annabel): many humans NE
    (Sulovir II): And so it begins
    (Human): What is this?!
    (Annabel): attack our GH eh!?
    (Sulovir II): bad move
    (Human): They're here!
    (Annabel): yeah ! we are!
    (Human): Get the First Sergeant of Company B at once!
    (Annabel): where is Petula!?


    (Petula): YOU!
    (Human): Company B had made their retreat, Petula, and the eyes are dead. Let's go!
    (Petula): NEVER!
    (Annabel): what do you want from us, Petula?!
    (Petula): To arms!
    (Annabel): Fifi says hello...
    (Petula): NO! No... Please....
    (Petula): * falls to knees *
    (Sulovir II): Give us a good reason
    (Annabel): why should we spare you?
    (Petula): For the goodness in your hearts, please!! * sobs * I beg of you!
    (Petula): Half of my men are dead... and I...
    (Petula): I am hopeless... * lowers head *
    (Petula): And could never compete with you.
    (Annabel): we have no qualms with you, other than you attacking us!
    (Petula): * sobbing intensifies *
    (Annabel): detox her
    (Annabel): promise to not attack us again
    (Petula): Please, just spare my life... I will promise anything!! Just one thing, I beg... * sniffles *
    (Annabel): what is it?
    (Petula): Treat Fifi well, okay?!
    (Annabel): Petula - i don't even know him!
    (Petula): Huh?!
    (Annabel): i have no interest! i literally just met him today!
    (Elsbeta Balloc): She doesnt want to take Fifi
    (Petula): What?!?
    (Elsbeta Balloc): It was a misunderstanding
    (Annabel): i find him.. revolting! and you should too!
    (Petula): He... He lied...
    (Annabel): he wanted us to kill you!
    (Elsbeta Balloc): yes, he is no catch, Petula.
    (Petula): Fi... Oh, what I have done! * sobs *
    (Petula): My brother...
    (Annabel): i'm so very sorry about your brother
    (Petula): ARRGH!!
    (Petula): * rips off badge *
    (Sulovir II): We do have extra room at the Vale...
    (Petula): You... you cannot mean that?
    (Petula): I am... lower than low. I can't believe I was so STUPID!
    (Annabel): well of course.. if you need a place to stay!
    (Petula): * bashes head on tree *
    (Annabel): Petula, don't be so hard on yourself
    (Petula): I can't... believe...
    (Petula): * sniffles *
    (Elsbeta Balloc): You believed in the wrong person. It happens.
    (Sulovir II): I think Fifi set you up.
    (Elsbeta Balloc): yes
    (Annabel): what *exactly* did Fiadoryx tell you, anyway?
    (Buck): classic play
    (Sulovir II): You must be getting in the way of whatever he's planning
    (Petula): He told me of ... amorous affairs... and * sobs * Oh no, I can't...
    (Annabel): *shakes head in confusion*
    (Annabel): he told us you would be here, i wasn't sure if he was setting us up for a bigger trap. i'm sure he's watching ..
    (Sulovir II): He definitely won't be too fond of us knowing Petula is alive..
    (Petula): I should've known. * curses under breath * He always had a way with words... He...
    (Petula): He doesn't need to know.
    (Elsbeta Balloc): Do you have a safe place to go?
    (Petula): I... I do not know. No...
    (Annabel): stay with us until you figure it out?
    (Sulovir II): It's also rather safe and secluded out here :)
    (Sulovir II): If he thinks you're dead, he has no need to bother us
    (Annabel): very true
    Petula): I... I owe you all my life. Your generosity ... is astounding.
    (Annabel): is there something you can give me, as proof?

    (Petula): I.. hmm... My helmet.
    Taken from Petula: GM Black Viking Helmet (+10)
    (Annabel): will show him, as proof.
    (Petula): And I promise I won't intrude. Just give me a dirty old corner to rest in. * sniffles *
    (Petula): I'll be out as soon as I... I don't know.
    (Petula): I just can't think!
    (Annabel): ohh don't be silly, we have ample space.
    (Petula): * smiles through the tears *
    (Petula): I don't know how I will ever be able to repay you...
    (Petula): You... what was your name, anyways?
    (Annabel): me? it's Annabel
    (Petula): Annabel...
    (Petula): I'd... I'd better go.

    (Petula): The dormitories... this way?
    (Sulovir II): Ah yes
    (Annabel): make yourself at home
    (Petula): * begins to tear up *
    (Petula): Th... thank you. * says softly *
    (Sulovir II): We just put in a brand new forge, should be warm
    (Annabel): it'll be okay Petula. rest up
    (Sulovir II): Just don't mind Jedd blacksmithing late at night
    (Petula): * smiles faintly *
    (Petula): I... I would like to be alone for a while, if that is okay.
    (Annabel): of course
    (Sulovir II): *nods*
    (Petula): My head... it just hurts...
    (Annabel): take your time, we'll see you later
    (Sulovir II): Yin.. Yang.. keep a close eye on her

    They travel to the Void Gate once again.

    (Sulovir II): lots of fog
    (Annabel): no sign of him though
    (Annabel): ah
    (Fiadoryx): Mmm.... * licks lips *
    (Annabel): well i don't want to know what that's all about
    (Fiadoryx): Word arrived of a bloody skirmish this morning.
    (Annabel): yes, very bloody indeed
    (Fiadoryx): A complete and total ambush.
    (Annabel): we caught them completely off guard
    (Fiadoryx): Have you her head?

    (Annabel): i have her helmet. it seemed quite special
    (Fiadoryx): Ahh, you wish to keep it for the bounty. Very well.
    Given to Fiadoryx: GM Black Viking Helmet (+10)
    (Annabel): *tosses helmet*
    (Fiadoryx): * sniffs helmet * Yes... yes that is the one. Your troubles... * smiles * are over.
    (Annabel): as are yours
    (Fiadoryx): Hahahaha!
    (Fiadoryx): * Mora Olsa Preldian *
    (Sulovir II): Creep
    (Annabel): somehow he got even creepier
    (Annabel): ok let's scram, this fog is unsettling
    (Elsbeta Balloc): yes

    Exhausted, they return to Mirith to rest.
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    Exhausted, Lord Peku lugs his armor from his room at the inn to the forge. First, he scrubs out all the sand from the golems assault. Then, he beats out the dents, sighing to himself, “It would probably be easier to make a new set of armor.” Once finished, he brushes off his blue robe and heads over to the gate where the battle had begun. He needed to walk off the soreness in his muscles.

    He makes it to the gate, stride increasing with each step until he is up to a brisk jog. Before he could realize he comes crashing into Mother Emmalissa of Brigobaen!

    (Peku): Ah! Hello!

    (Emmalisse): Oof! Hello there. :)

    (Peku): Apologies

    (Emmalisse): How are your injuries faring? And oh, do not worry about me. * smiles *

    (Peku): Was just, uh, out for a walk. So far so good

    (Emmalisse): I was just coming back from my walk.
    (Emmalisse): I found an interesting little scrap of paper.

    (Peku): Oh?
    (Peku): Where abouts?
    (Peku): Or, concerning what?

    (Emmalisse): Oh, right here. * rummages *

    Emmalissa hands Peku the paper. Peku examines it, but the paper is a torn scrap, barely legible. Peku squints, but could barely make out what it says.

    (Peku): Hrmm. Hard to read this.

    (Emmalisse): Here, let me try.

    Peku hands the paper back to Emmalisse.

    (Emmalisse): I got most of it figured out. I think it's really quite old.

    Emmalisse begins to read:
    "I have come to the stunning conclusion that, in order to proceed with my research...In order to carefully study and explore the realms beyond the Voidgate...I must first disable it, recover the Curio piece that powers it and use it to challenge Rem."

    (Peku): Wow!

    (Emmalisse): It's not signed, but... I get the feeling we know who it is.
    (Emmalisse): Or, was.

    (Peku): It sounds like Fifi..

    (Emmalisse): My thoughts exactly.
    (Emmalisse): I did always wonder what he was playing at.

    (Peku): Realms beyond the voidgate, wow
    (Peku): I wonder what he hoped to find there.

    (Emmalisse): I can't even begin to imagine. * shivers *
    (Emmalisse): But perhaps it is divine irony.

    The two begin to shift the conversation to something lighter and exchange farewells. They continue on their walk - Emmalisse to the castle, and Peku towards the cemetery.

    After working off the soreness of battle, Peku heads up north to his guild hall and shares news of the would-be plans of Fifi. He finds his bed in barracks and heads to sleep.

    The next morning, the fighter woke up to a wonderful smelling surprise!j7mou4wu0sqf.png

    ((Edited to add the rum cakes, didn't see it until right after posting))
  • The news of the death of Fiadoryx reached the fighter in the morning. Her eyes shone with a mix of sadness, anger, humiliation and the love left over from great passions. “Fifi…” she murmured. “My Fifi…” She shed a tear for Goph as well, one to the Artificers she admired. Not as much as Ruf, but still. Her old companions were all without a leader now, just like herself.
    One way or another, this chapter was over. She looked around the halls of the Vale, the guild kind enough to host her, after all she had done to them. She was starting to call it home. Maybe it was time to leave, before she got her heart broken a second time.
    Packing her stuff, she decided to roam the lands for a while, trying to find her way, her new life, perhaps new companions along the road. It was time to leave the Hidden Vale a last note.

    You were the best friends I ever found. It is time for me to move on, and stop burdening you with an extra mouth to feed.
    I am sure we will meet again, very soon.
    Give those two spiders all my best wishes as well.
    Lots of love,
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    Amere and Nedved II wandered into Mirith around midnight on a dancing moon evening. They had just returned from the Mirith Vanguard hall where they wagered a weeks worth of chores around the hall on a game of chess. Despite never having beaten Nedved before, Amere was as confident as ever that this would be the game he would finally win. It wasn’t.

    Upon arrival to the bank, the pair was greeted by Mister Z. R. Naut, of the Bank of Mirith. He informed them that Marali had deliberately leaked information to Fiadoryx regarding the piece of the Curio that he had stolen from the void gate. He now has information that to restore its power all he had to do was bring it near the Curio that lay within the statue of Elara within Mirith’s walls.

    What the Maralians did not tell him was that holding the Curio while it was being recharged would likely cause an explosion that would kill him, and potentially flatten part of Mirith. Obviously for the Vanguardians this was troubling news.
    There wasn’t much certainty when the attack would be, but Mister Naut thought it was imminent. Between them they made a plan to evacuate the city into the castle, as it would be far from the explosion and was structurally sound. They also called all guards on duty to protect the gates and prepare for an attack.

    While they waited, Cassandra, Peku, nanasisan, Draeto and Mother Emmalise (formerly of Brigobaen/presently of Mirith) joined the preparations to protect Mirith. The group stood near the city center looking at the Statue of Elara. They looked upon the statue with a different eye. The amount of times each of them carelessly walked past the statue while running errands weighed on their minds. As they awaited battle that carelessness was gone.

    Finally, they heard loud thuds in the distance to the West and felt intense vibrations below their feet. It was time, the armsmen grabbed their swords and shields and the mages readied their minds. They were greeted at the west gate by a clash of metal on metal as an attack of brigands was sustained by the front line of guards. The rest of the group came to support and there were Sand Golems seen in the distance, behind them was an artificer controlling them.

    The first minutes of the battle were hectic and unorganized. With the group chasing brigands down and trying to land attacks on the man that controlled the golems. They knew this tactic wasn’t effective as they saw guards get smashed into the ground by a single blow from the golem. Amere managed to call for the party to fall back to the gate and try to hold off their attack from a more secure position. They would manage to defeat one golem only for another to take its place. They needed to kill the mage controlling them, but they couldn’t get a clean attack on him.

    Eventually they felt the vibrations coming from the east gate as well and doubt crept into their minds. They were brought within moments of failure, where heroics from Nedved and Emmalise saved them and gave the party a chance at success. As Amere held the attention of a couple golems, the pair of wizards and Peku and Draeto were able to defeat the mage. A well fought victory, but the fight wasn’t over.
    They continued to battle a few golems and brigands when Peku and Amere saw Fiadoryx approach the Statue of Elara. They sprinted towards him in what felt like slow motion and Amere swung his blade with all his might. As the blow connected a loud explosion from the recharging Curio ripped the life from Fiadoryx before the groups very eyes. The explosion was so powerful it caused the Curio to fly across the very city center they were waiting in before. Lucky for the group and for Mirith, the initial blast was mainly directed at Fiadoryx, but the power of the artifact was clear, as it continued to hum as the magic flowed into and out of it, hurting anyone that approached it.
    In typical Maralian fashion, Peytra Gray and Evroulf McTyr showed up immediately after the excitement had occurred to reclaim their Curio that they had lost a handful of times. It was apparent that the Mirithians were not happy with how things progressed and how it was the lives of their citizens, and not Marali's that were lost. After tense moments they all agreed that this matter not be discussed until later, when the Curio was transported to a relatively safe location.
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