The Sand Project

Day 18 Harvest Moon, 452

A harpie landed on the bushes in front of the Mirith Bank. An arrow dropped to the ground from its beak, Sulovir II recognized this arrow. The arrow was Annabel’s, he was used to always picking those up. He picked it up and saw a note attached, “One brigand in red in the tree box.”

Sulovir grabbed his orb of seeing and saw Annabel standing near the “tree box”, not far from Dragon’s Mouth. He grabbed his dagger and darted into the woods silently and without being seen. He arrived at the hideout to find a Bracken maniacally laughing at Annabel. “Oh you’re here,” she said as Sulovir II appeared from the shadows and drilled his dagger into the backside of the Bracken, “There’s another brigand by the entrance.”

The brigand was quickly dismantled. They entered the hideout. Inside, several shelters poorly obstructed the doors. A few more brigands in red made an attempt to deter us, but failed. As they approached the southern corridors, they found several notes scattered in what looked to be a makeshift kitchen area.

“The Lord Enchanter has made great strides in the Sand Project's resumption.
The deficiencies in our defensive lines will reap immediate benefits.
You will await instruction. Disturb the captain's quarters at your own risk.”


“I say we disturb him.” Sulovir grimaced.

“Yeah, most definitely.” Annabel replied. The duo advanced cautiously. Sulovir slipped through the shadows to get a closer look. Several more brigands in red and one clad in black armor.


“Back up a bit,” He whispered to Annabel. Before he could report his head count, the brigands had already noticed the intruders. Annabel’s arrows easily tore through their red robes and Sulovir was able to find a weak spot in the black clad armor for his dagger. “I wonder what they’re up to,” Sulovir said as the lifeless brigand dropped to the ground.

The duo approached the end of the corridor. The corpse of a Sand Golem seemed to be placed carefully, with a set of candles surrounding it. A crate was set off to the side containing ferrite, grains of red sand, and etherite. They knocked down the remaining shelters, mostly so Sulovir could steal their lobster pies, and headed out. It appeared the Lord Enchanter was not here.


Sulovir recalled back to their recent endeavor through Nystral’s Tower. There was a strange chest that he couldn’t get open, candles, and it appeared as if someone had been using the library. More investigating is due..


  • Day 20 of the Harvest Moon, year 452

    Word travels fast.

    Budic writes in his journal.

    Not long after receiving letters, alarms were quickly raised. I have just received word from Fu-Kung Master Kwoo of footprints near Marali. The tracks were fresh, and we must make haste.

    He tucks his journal into the side pocket of his robe and grabs a pure purple crystal from his bank. The druid arrives in Marali and sees the footprints just outside of the portal, heading west. He runs in that direction, Tormenta, his black bear, following close behind. He meets up with Kwoo, who then fills him in on the news. "This Brigand came from the south," Kwoo says and leads them in that direction.

    These brigands did not wear robes, like the ones previously reported. These wore the usual chain mail, but there were no shelters. It appears we may have caught them too late, and the fresh tracks must have been a scout. The brigands still here must have been assigned to clean up. A Stone Golem lay on the ground. In the mud, we were able to recover a scrap of paper.

    "significantly cheaper than the magmatic variety, and should make excel"

    Neither Kwoo nor I could decipher the meaning of this scrap, but we agreed it must related to the Sand Golem.


    "Let's check out the mercenary cave," Kwoo says.
    Moments after heading towards the cave, Budic hears panting behind them and a lightning bolt streak across the forest, incinerating a skeleton. "You two are hard to catch," Ryen says as he tries to catch his breath. The group chuckles as they continue on towards the cave. Apart from the friendly banter, nothing new was found in the mercenary cave.

    Budic, Kwoo, and Ryen convene outside of the cave. Budic grabs his journal, "I'll take my notes and report our findings to the guards."
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