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The fighter stared at the wall above his desk, in the study of the Vale. Countless sketches, public notices, and reports had been pasted there, and it was beginning to look like the walls of the bank. Yes, he thought, nanasisan was right—there is a lot of information here, enough to give you a headache. Let’s see if we can’t make sense of it all… He picked up a pen and began to write.

* * * * * * * * * *
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    The D.D.D.
    Who are they:
    • The Division of Diabolical Devices
    • Formerly a part of The Black Hand (a now-defunct group which terrorized Oberin for decades), the D.D.D. still operates today under the leadership of Master Rem and Lady Uryste.
    • Beneath them in the hierarchy are three powerful "Lord Enchanters": Fiadoryx, Viri, and Resaana. Each of these three employ a number of mages known as "Artificers". And each Artificer in turn, commands a number of Brigands.
    • The Brigands of the D.D.D. seem to wear color-coded uniforms. Red-robed brigands serve Viri. Black-robed brigands serve Fiadoryx. Gray-robed brigands serve Resaana.

    What are their plans:
    • Originally, the D.D.D. specialized in the study of dangerous, magical artifacts. Now, their experiments seem to have greatly expanded.
    • Thanks to a restored Bloody Note, we know a lot about their current research goals: Fiadoryx studies "the Void and arcane matters". Viri studies "rings, charms, practical things". Resaana studies "the mind, dreams, and astral projection".

    Where are they now:
    • The forces of the D.D.D. have been spotted in and around the Tree Maze lately.
    • Lord Viri's men were recently seen using Dwarven Automata to harvest ferrite in Duldrus.
    • Lord Fiadoryx has been spotted at the Voidgate of Foehan, which is currently surrounded by many creatures of shadow. He seems to be searching for the missing piece of the all-powerful Moon Curio. To this end, he has also acquired a legendary "Golden Fleece", an item which is required to hold the Curio.
    • NEW: Using the Golden Fleece, Lord Fiadoryx acquired Marali's fragment of the Curio - which had secretly been powering the Voidgate all this time. Fortunately for the world, but unfortunately for Lord Fiadoryx, the Curio piece appears to have been drained of its legendary power. Ostensibly, the D.D.D. now seeks to restore the Curio's powers, though they appear to have no more knowledge on how to do this than the rest of us. In the meantime, the removal of the Curio appears to have completely shut down the Voidgate. What other secrets the Void Realm held, may forever be lost...

    * * * * * * * * * *

    The Creed
    Who are they:
    • The Creed of the Jeweled Dagger
    • They are an extremely secret association of rogues and others, formed in Marali.
    • They specialize in the creation of liches and wraiths.
    • Long ago, during the infamous Siege of Marali, one of the members of the Creed assassinated both Commanders of Marali, causing widespread chaos and allowing the Black Hand to take over the city.
    • For decades afterwards, the Creed remained underground. We now know they were hiding in a place now known as the Creed's Lair, the recently discovered complex that lies below Skull Island Dungeon.
    • Also, some of their members infiltrated the various cities for years, sowing the seeds of strife from various positions of power, most famously Estess Vorund of Marali.
    • The only other members we know about: Moira Anasima (a wizard), and someone with the initials "D.L."
    • They seem to employ a vicious band of black-plated mercenaries who are, for unknown reasons, fiercely loyal to the organization.
    • NEW: The identity of another Creed agent has been learned: Captain Isouran.

    What are their plans:
    • They seem to be interested in the confusing labyrinth of caves discovered in the Atoll Volcano. But what are they really after? We do not know.
    • NEW: A pair of talking bracken at the Atoll Temple revealed that the place beneath the Atoll Volcano is in actuality the Shrine of Elara and Her Disciples. (The guardian of this "Shrine" is another talking bracken that adventures have met before: Phern.) The twin bracken claim that "greedy humans" (the Creed, presumably) are seeking the "power of the Shrine". What power this is, is unknown, but it certainly cannot be good. In the meantime, the Bracken say that they await the builders of the Shrine. Just who are these builders?

    Where are they now:
    • For most of the last year, The Creed had been camped out on the beaches of the Atoll Volcano, barring all entrance.
    • However, in the last couple of moons, a group of daring adventurers invaded their camp, causing the elements of the Creed to flee using a strange temporary portal made of candles.
    • We now know they fled to the Lerilin Volcano, the main entrance of which has been blocked off. They seem to be enjoying the hospitality of the man who lives inside that Volcano: a mage by the name of "J.J."
    • NEW: Most recently, the Creed's assassins seem to be targeting mages in hopes of acquiring their skulls.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Who is he:
    • Jeremiah Jalux, AKA Jealous Jalux
    • Formerly a part of the Black Hand, he is the infamous inventor of two fearsome monstrosities: Hell Mages and Magma Golems.
    • To accomplish this, he built a laboratory in the depths of the Volcano: the Hell Mage Laboratory.
    • He is now known for selling and exporting his creations to other evildoers, including both the Creed and the D.D.D.
    • He employs a large number of former Black Hand brigands. They do not seem to wear any special armor. We know only one of their names: "Sgt. Orik".

    What are his plans:
    • Continue to gather the skulls of mages, which he uses to create Hell Mages.
    • Keep selling his creations to the highest bidder? Or does he have some other end goal in mind?

    Where is he now:
    • JJ continues to reside in the Hell Mage Laboratory.
    • Very recently, however, he sealed off a portion of the Volcano in order to provide shelter to the elements of the Creed.
    • NEW: The seal on the Volcano appears to be gone. Inside was a trap seemingly designed to produce more mage skulls for JJ. JJ himself was last seen at the Atoll.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *
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    Hmm. The fighter rubbed his temples, hoping to dispel the aching pains. We better take a look at the cities, too. And maybe some other folks as well. Just in case.


    Persons of Interest:
    • King N'eroth still remains absent, living in the land of the Mhara as an honored guest, with Queen Nifi. Most recently, the two of them sent a gift to Lerilin to pay respects to the late Mayor Palmer, during that village's Festival of Flames.
    • Royal Seer Kherasija has returned to the city.
    • Royal Guard Amere, Lady Cassandra, and Lords Nedved II and Iceane of the Mirith Vanguard are often seen around the city.
    • Bank Manager Z.R. Naut is a frequent sight as well.
    • Lastly, East Gate Guard Captain Jozas has been posting reports at the bank in recent days.

    Current Plans / State of Affairs:
    • The city seems to be running things smoothly while the King is away.
    • Not too long ago, the Vanguard offered their support to the international alliance of guilds which conducted a dramatic research expedition into the Voidgate of Foehan.
    • Now, with the recent explosion of D.D.D. activity around the Tree Maze (a disputed territory between Mirith and Marali), how will the city respond?

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Persons of Interest:
    Current Plans / State of Affairs:
    • The city seems to still be on their guard after the painful and murderous infiltration of The Creed. One of the Creed's agents, Estess Vorund, is still being held as prisoner in the infamous Marali Dungeons.
    • More concerning: the city is still missing their piece of the Moon Curio, after over a decade. As such, the city is no doubt very concerned with the D.D.D.'s recent efforts to recover the Curio. So where do their eyes turn now - toward the Tree Maze, as with Mirith?

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Persons of Interest:
    Current Plans / State of Affairs:
    • The last BMF seemed to run smoothly (ignoring some increased pirate activity), with Senator Janik making her fabulous return at the glamorous Beauty Pageant.
    • Presumably, the city still hopes to find the missing Senator Morgans, who is thought to have gotten lost in the Void. However, the recent expedition into the Void failed to turn up any signs of the Senator... how will the city respond?

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Persons of Interest:
    Current Plans / State of Affairs:
    • Normally rather quiet, Lerilin is currently being stricken with some sort of mysterious plague, with multiple shops having closed. They better find a cure quick, before it spreads much further!

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Persons of Interest:
    • Theologian Evaristos - head of the Restoration Atelier, restoring damaged books and documents.
    • Father Aldus – an apprentice at the Atelier, Aldus specializes in the language of the Mhara.
    • Mother Emmalisse – a student of diplomacy and foreign affairs, she has been spotted in Mirith a lot recently, occasionally even assisting the guards in the city's defense, such as in the recent kidnapping of the west gate guards by a pack of trolls.

    Current Plans / State of Affairs:
    • As is a Waking Moon tradition, Brigobaen's efforts are currently focused on the Dawn of the Disciples pilgrimage, bringing donations to the poor folk of all the various towns and cities.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *
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    • Sometimes abbreviated to S.W.S.
    • A shipping company that rose to prominence in recent years.
    • Recently, they built what appears to be a well-defended headquarters in Port Gast.
    • They seem to employ a private guardforce, who can be identified by their black robes.

    • AKA Venomous James. Leader of a pirate crew.
    • He coordinated a number of daring raids on Andris during the latest BMF.
    • His crew was tracked to their sizable fortress on an island in the southwestern archipelago - now called "James Island" – and they were soundly defeated.
    • The fate of James remains unclear.

    • A wandering forest witch with a knack for making powerful elixirs and magical soups.
    • She is also a close personal friend of King N'eroth.
    • Not too long ago, she assisted Marali Commander McTyr in capturing a traitorous agent of the Creed, Estess Vorund.
    • NEW: Most recently, Istra was seen at the Vale, hunting down a different forest witch with other arcane powers: Sopor.

    • NEW: A menacing forest witch whose arcane magic puts her victims to sleep... permanently.
    • NEW: First seen a few moons ago at the Voidgate, Sopor was most recently spotted at the Vale, where she mistakenly identified one of that guild's members as Istra Falvo.

    • NEW: A fighter who commands a sizable force of brigands, of unknown affiliation.
    • NEW: She appears to have a romantic connection with Lord Fiadoryx of the D.D.D. – or at least, she used to.
    • NEW: Most recently, she attacked the Hidden Vale to demonstrate her allegiance to Lord Fiadoryx, hoping that the attack would keep that guild out of the D.D.D.'s business. (Editor's note: It will Not.)

    • The deceased leader of a defunct group of enchanters and tinkerers named A.R.D.E.N.T.
    • His corpse was just discovered inside the Void, alongside some documents that finally revealed his group's sinister intentions.
    • These same documents also seem to reveal that A.R.D.E.N.T. was defeated inside the Void. No other agents are believed to have survived.

    • One of the legendary Knights of Silver.
    • Spotted recently in the Mirith cemetery, tracking down a lost Crystal Token - the portal keys that allow access to the Knight's secret home.
    • NEW: Perhaps of relevance: a Crystal Token was recently found in the caves beneath the Atoll Volcano.

    • A necromancer and developer of traps who seems to be working in the Mercenary Cave, as well as in a rock formation in the South Marali Woods.
    • He created a trap that emits a deadly poisonous fog. The notes to this trap were subsequently stolen by the Creed, who have since used it to defend themselves.
    • He appears to be reporting directly to Rellia.
    • He seems to have an interest in Dethras, one of the original Seven Disciples from ancient history – the one who betrayed Elara.
    • NEW: Most recently, the Mercenary Cave is reported to be crawling with a great number of undead. More of Z's experiments?

    • NEW: The creator of the Mercenary Cave, and specifically, the mysterious library contained within.
    • NEW: Decades ago, Rellia fought alongside a set of famous mercenaries who later joined the Black Hand. It is unknown if Rellia ever joined the Black Hand, too. Today, her current allegiances are still unknown, if she has any.
    • NEW: Independent or not, Rellia's name has re-entered the latest reports, as it seems that she is being sought out by Lord Fiadoryx and his troops. Lord Fiadoryx appears to think that Rellia will be able to help him in his quest to recharge Marali's piece of the Curio.
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