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Waking Moon 196, 452


I thought I should quickly update you on the void situation. I don’t think anyone has checked on the void gate since we disbanded our camp, and today I was feeling brave enough to take a quick peek. Things have greatly changed at the gate - I found multiple blink hounds and poison beasts on the shortcut. I wasn’t able to get to the gate alone, but we should definitely return soon.

But that’s not even the most important part of my update. I left the area, and headed toward Lerilin. At the bridge, I saw some human footprints on the Southeast side, and found myself face to face with a brigand, clad in a black robe and viking helmet.


Alarmed, I followed their trail North, where I seemed to have interrupted a meeting. A mage in black was surrounded and being protected by more of the brigands in black. I didn’t hear much of what they were saying, other than I heard that name Lillium mentioned again, “Fiadoryx.”


Before I could ask any questions, they took off running. I chased and killed all 6 brigands, then finally caught up with the wizard. He seemed to be burning down a camp. After he bolted me, I politely asked who he was. He was gone in a flash. There was nothing of note left in the burning shelter.


The void seems to be following us everywhere. When you have a plan, I’m ready.

- Annabel


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    Me again. I can’t seem to keep out of trouble these days.

    Malthaen discovered some more brigands out in Duldrus, just two of them. He found a note that mentioned a rendezvous along the Bleeding River, so we decided to investigate.

    We found them, not too far east of the center island. Probably around 10 or so brigands. There were many boot prints leading North, so we followed.

    Another camp of brigands clad in black. We destroyed their camp, and found some notes.

    Stay quiet. Viri’s men are still at the cave if you need help. As for Lord Fiadoryx, he sent a squadron to Lizard Isle. They’re looking for some kind of Golden Treasure. That’s all I’ve been told.

    We decided to check on the cave not too much further North, adjacent to the Tree Maze. We found a few brigands, this time in red, guarding the entrance.

    After taking care of them, we entered the cave and found 5 or so more. After some struggle, we were able to clear the entrance. A wall had been built, blocking the rest of the structure, which I personally am thankful for.

    I wasn’t able to see beyond the wall, but it sounds like there are many men past it.


    Notes were found in the entrance, as well.

    Tell the men to sit tight, we’ll be here as long as their meeting is going. Also, seal that wall off for now. Too many scouts about.

    So, to sum it all up, what we learned today:

    1. It appears that Lord Fiadoryx may be searching for the infamously missing curio in the depths of the Void.
    2. Viri’s men have red uniforms, and are currently in the cave East of the tree maze.
    3. There’s a squadron of Lord Fiadoryx’s men on Lizard Isle, looking for some kind of “golden treasure.”
    4. Activity at the void gate has increased dramatically since our last visit.

    I think that’s it? My head is spinning from the huge influx of information in such a short time.

    Hope to see you soon,

    - Annabel
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    Dear L.,

    I've a brief update for you. As you know, the wizard Indy's report alerted our attention to the fact that the "golden treasure" being sought by Lord Fiadoryx Daimand was naught but a legendary Golden Fleece, the historical significance of which you do not need to be reminded. This revelation, coupled with Annabel's reports about Fiadoryx's search for the curio, were enough to make me shiver with fear. So, Annabel and I wasted no time in gathering together an expeditionary force to Lizard Island. We were accompanied by Breigje Balloc, Malthaen, and the Royal Guard himself.

    We began by tracing Indy's steps, which led us to the body of a brigand, which had been sitting out in the woods for long enough to have been reduced to mere bones. On his corpse, however, we did find black robes.


    Fearing that we were too late, we entered the fort, and found the antechamber to be littered with several corpses stuck on pikes, with the stench of blood and death all around.


    Grim-faced, we pressed on, fighting the greatly increased number of lizards all the way to their throne room. There, in the very far corner of the room, lay a small chest. As soon as we had slain the lizard defenders, I examined the chest - it had already been unlocked. With a heavy pit in my stomach, I flung the lid open – only to find it empty, save for a few tiny threads of brilliant golden hue. Apparently, golden fleeces can shed.


    The lizards were starting to swarm again, so we made our quick escape and started to weigh our options once we had reached safety. It would appear that we were too late to stop the fleece from falling into the wrong hands. Annabel even made the bleak observation that the lizards had now been made to suffer twice – first from Fiadoryx's invasion, and now from ours. Though I do not have much sympathy to spare for the wicked lizard men, it was certainly a sobering thought. However, our mission was not quite done with for the day. Annabel shared that she had run into a lone, black-robed brigand on her way to the island, not far from Welif, so we decided to head back that way. We arrived with renewed energy, and sure enough, she was soon tracking a great number of human foes to the southwest, back toward the port town. We steeled ourselves for a fight, drew close with measured caution – only to find that these humans were no foes, but the pilgrims from the Dawn of the Disciples! We shared a good laugh at this, and after making sure they were all safe, headed back toward Mirith.


    Anyhow, I am sending my golden thread up with young Ruxem. Perhaps it will be of some interest to you in your studies.

    Yours sincerely,
  • The Royal Guard had returned to the Lizard Fort with a couple of intentions. The disciples re-introduced the concept of charity to Amere. He wanted to aid the poor by collecting steaks and leather from the lizard men for food and clothing. His other interests included looking for clues as to who had stolen the golden fleece and where they had gone.

    During Amere’s search, a pair of lizard shaman approached him in the throne room.

    What more do you wantss... you have already sstolen the fleece... sss
    Thiefsss desserve jussstice...

    After Amere sliced one of his lizard men companions to the ground, he assured the Shaman it was other humans that stole the fleece, not him.

    He liesss!

    The Vanguardian assured the shaman that he would leave, should he be provided with information as to where the true thieves had taken the fleece.

    Can you not feel it in the air? They have jusssst ussed it now!

    Your preciousss moon curio... it awakes...

    At the center of thisss world ... sss... it hasss awoken.

    Fear those who sssought to awaken it.

  • Elsbeta,

    I hope Andris is treating you well.

    I’m writing to update you on the void situation, and the news is bittersweet.

    Lord Fiadoryx has found and removed the curio fragment, which was powering the portal to the void realm. This has rendered the void gate unusable, and the portal is already crumbling.

    While it’s great that we no longer have to worry about the void realm and the creatures that reside there, we likely will never know what exactly happened to Senator Morgans or be able to discover other secrets that the void holds. I hope that Andris will build some kind of memorial for Clarissa in the future. I know she meant a lot to you.

    If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.



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