Lord Fiadoryx

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After spending what felt like several disorienting days in the void, the group gathered at the portal that had become a familiarity to them. It was time to return to the real world. Lillium admired the small moon fragment in her hand, contemplating if she should just camp here. The void realm could be quite peaceful, when not being attacked by black dracos. But the choice to return home was already made for her.

“Run!” Nial shouted as a phase serpent chased him.

The adventurers dropped their moon fragments, and were relieved that the serpent didn't cross with them.

Nial continued running, as if the serpent had followed.

Lillium quickly did one last headcount.

“Danery, Zaji, Iceane, and Malthean left earlier. Nial ran to town. We’re leaving with Kwoo, Jedd, Alidar, Cavan, and myself. Perfect!”

The group began to unwind, passing out potions and exchanging small talk before starting the trek home, when an unknown man in red appeared.



Before anyone could digest what he had said, he disappeared through the portal.

"What was that?" Kwoo asked.
"There was a person," Lillium replied.
"Guild D.D.D.," added Cavan.
"We cleared the dungeon for him.." Alidar trailed off.

Perplexed and frightened by the unexpected visitor, Lillium wanted to leave the void gate as quickly as possible. She followed the new shortcut that had been worn by the void campers traveling from Mirith. The faint sound of Kwoo’s bare feet could be heard behind her.

Halfway back to Mirith, Lillium realized that she didn’t hear any armor clanking or other feet stomping. She turned around and only saw Kwoo. Worried, they turned around to check on the others.

On the trail back, there were no signs of their friends. They approached the void gate again, and heard Jedd yell out,

“Guys! It was an ambush!”

Kwoo and Lillium rushed to their aid. The team had already killed numerous brigands, and only a few were left. Inside the brigands' camp, there was a note.

"Inform Lord Fiadoryx that the way has been cleared."

Clearly, they had been watched and followed through their journey.

"Lord Fiadoryx? I don't think I've ever heard that name before," Lillium said, confused.
"Me neither," Cavan concurred.
"I don't believe I know that name, either... I assume by the context, this Lord Fiadoryx was our man in red?" Jedd added.

Concerned for their own safety, and feeling quite weary, the group decided to return to Mirith to rest. They would have to return to the void yet again.
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