Attempt to free the dwarves of Duldrus

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Dear BB,

You missed out on quite the adventure today! I'm sure you heard about nanasisan - he found some dwarves that had been captured and locked in a cage. No one really has a clue why. nanasisan was unable to free them, and asked for our help. So me, Jedd, Danery, Laricen, Cadeyrn, Zaji and nana headed up there to see what we could do. Once we got near the back entrance to the Hidden Peak, we found many brigands and two magma golems - as expected, per nanasisan's latest report.



After the area was cleared, we found the dwarves in a large cage, packed in very tight. Laricen attempted to pick the locks, but was unsuccessful. Jedd and Cade bashed the doors like fools, to no avail. Somehow, Zaji managed to fall asleep through all the racket. We even tried getting the dwarves drunk, to see if their drunken dwarf power would break themselves free. It didn't work, of course. But it was still fun to try.


Since it appeared that the back side of the cage was facing the exit of the Peak, we left snoring Zaji with the dwarves and decided to try to go in the front way and see if it would lead us back out to the caged area. Inside the Peak, we took a bit of a detour to investigate the newly discovered area - thought maybe there would be a key there. Unfortunately, we only found pieces of Ryen's dragon egg (did it hatch??) and a weird old chest. We didn't see any signs of the dragon, thankfully.


Once we *finally* made our way though the whole thing - multiple dragons, gapers, frost giants, and all that exciting stuff, we found the final descent was blocked by bracken. Which were blocked by runes.


So I guess we didn't get much closer to any answers today. nanasisan said he will continue monitoring the area daily - I'll keep you up to date if I hear anything new.

Wish you had been there!

- Lillium

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