Snakes on a Plain

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Once the beauty contest ended, the crowd of adventurers gathered again at the bank. With such strong people together, nanasisan suggested that we take down the fort of privateers that had relentlessly attacked the merchants and citizens of Andris on multiple occasions.

As the group left town to head toward the far-away islands, we began to notice an incredible number of snakes about. However, with more pressing matters at hand, we had to continue on and deal with the snakes later.

When we approached the island, we could hear many men inside their fort, bustling about. We knew we were in for a challenge. The entrance of their fort was protected by a line of bracken, so the wizards were up first. After many spells were exchanged, we finally had access to their fort. A furious group of privateers suddenly flooded from the entrance, and were felled one by one. After we were able to make a safe clearing, we did some exploring, and found a disturbing note.


“Dinner’s on the Golden Fleece tonite, boys! Check fer poison first, harhar!”

We pushed forward into the fort, until we came into a section that was lined with bracken. In the middle, was a large cage with three very cramped tuskers inside.


Distraught by their sounds of agony, Cassandra came up with a plan - for everyone except for Olexa to leave the area. Olexa then picked the lock, and stealthed away.

As we sailed away from the island, we could hear the tuskers happiness now that they were free.


Our next stop, temple island.


At temple island, we were greeted with more of the serpents we had become familiar with on the mainland. There were honestly too many to count. The temple itself was inaccessible, guarded by more bracken. Inside, a single stone golem surrounded by poison elementals.


After killing an impossible number of snakes, we began to break down the barrier between us and the golem. As we fought it, more and more snakes came from seemingly nowhere. There were no clues as to why temple island was overrun with snakes, or where the stone golem may have come from.


With the island cleared, we returned to the mainland. Concerned for The Golden Fleece, we decided to check there first. But, we had to fight through an unending horde of snakes to reach it.


As we neared the ship, the atmosphere was jarringly different from what it had been just days before. The crew members were soberingly quiet. We discovered that the privateers had just recently attacked the ship, and some of the crew had been killed. If only we had taken down the fort sooner.


We combed the beaches of Andris, searching for the source of snakes. Finally, we found the source. A newly formed rock cavern on the beach, full of snakes. Inside, there were runes and a note. We killed all the snakes we could find, but who knows if that will truly be the end of it.


Exhausted by the days challenges, the weary group returned to the festivities in Andris.
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