The Crystal Chalice

As I exited the gate Northwest of Andris, I could faintly see a man in red in the distance. Having heard the stories about Rahleus, the mage looking for his stolen crystal items, I assumed it was him. After we exchanged pleasantries, I got straight to the point,

“So I hear you’re looking for some missing items?”

“Why, indeed I am! Word travels fast.” He seemed surprised.

“Got any leads? I would be glad to help.”

“Why yes, actually. I have reason to believe that one of my items may be on or near the fort that the privateers had holed up in.”

“Well, we can try!” I replied, clearly excited for an adventure.

“Oh - one word of warning. There may still be an ice golem roaming in the forest, near the bridge,” the mage warned.

“I definitely can’t handle ice golems,” I smiled nervously at the thought.

“Neither can I, not alone. But thankfully I don’t have any more missing ice crystals,” he reassured me.

We decided skull island would be the easiest way to navigate in the general direction of the empty fort, so we headed in that direction.

Nearing skull island, I could smell that distinct zombie smell. And there were many. We tried our best to get rid of the undead, but I was just too weak to handle the mass of bone mages, zombies, gapers, and skeletons - so we moved on to our original goal.


At the fort, it was eerily quiet. Food still cooking in the pot, beds disheveled, blood splattered on the ground and walls. Signs of life and death. A chill went up my spine.


Attempting to compose myself, we continued into the empty fort, looking for any signs of his stolen items.

There was one shelter left standing, and inside we found a small crawl space. Nearby, it appeared that someone had blasted a hole in the forts wall, and escaped.


Outside the wall, many sharks and a lonely sea serpent lurked the water, and they looked especially plump.

After luring the serpent away safely, we followed the trail of sharks. Eventually, we found the tattered remains of a body, that had shark and serpent chunks out of it. The water was still tinged red.

Having found none of Rahleus’ items in the sharks bellies, we thought to check the serpent. The only problem being, my arrows don’t put a single dent in the serpents scales.

So - we came up with a plan. Rahleus would set an explosive trap for the serpent, and I would lure it to the trap. Amazingly, the plan went off without a hitch - serpent bits flew into the air, and Rahleus’ crystal chalice with it.


Please that we found another missing item, Rahleus decided to hunker down in the fort for awhile, and I headed back to skull island.
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