A Den of Vipers

The Druid set out on a walk with Nadleeh, her Lava Spider. She could not remember when last they'd hunted together. They encountered a horde of snakes, at least a dozen, as they approached the Bracken Park. A hyper-reproductive population or Perhaps something more sinister? Shivani quickly stabled Nadleeh, opting for the more agile Ingrid, her Spirit Animal, to continue the investigation. The duo gradually made their way towards the beach eliminating what appeared to be never ending droves of serpents. She reached into her pouch during a short break 53 Snake Skins and 54 Snake Eggs. Surmising the latter was most likely the case, she gave the pouch a light toss still an ample amount of reagents left. They'd continue advancing northwest, at least as far as their supplies allowed.
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