A busy day

Busy day

Day 115 of the Blue Moon, year 451

Spending some time in Andris ahead of the coming festival, I decided to go for a walk. Heading towards the portal, I encountered a small band of highwaymen camping in the nearby rocks. Rather than let them ambush any coming travelers, I ambushed them, claiming 4 heads for bounty. Among their belongings, I found bagful of ginseng and a simple note: "There's no party without good ginseng. Make it expensive for tourists."

Whether this was a simple black market gang or part of an upstart cartel is unknown.

Furthering down the road past the bridge, I found the frightened ranger, Annabel just outside the abandoned guild hall. Inside were 3 chests, and a lever. After carefully examination, I was able to safely open 2 of the chests, finding potions and a coal axe. Outside, we could hear a foul wind start to howl.

I was unable to pick the third lock, and my curiosity shifted to the mysterious lever in the corner. Borrowing a bow string from Annabel, I tied it around the lever and took a few steps before giving it a tug. A moment later, the trap had sprung, and Annabel and myself were hit by a, fortunately mild, fireball as we dashed for the door. Outside, we could hear the explosions of multiple traps detonating for several minutes. Local wild seemed to be attracted to commotion, and the 2 of us fought off the creatures as the traps burned themselves out. After which, we were able to explore the hall again, along the east side of the building was a grave, with the tombstone stating "Here lies General Vanderbilt, and inside the locked chest was now open, and we found a Ring of Remove Curse, as well as some pieces of black plate armor, and a few other special items. With the wind still gusting, we decided to head back to Andris.

About half way there, we ran into Alda Thera, a cleric with the Miner's Nurses who was collecting flowers. We warned her of the grave we discovered, and were promptly attacked by a band of privateers calling us "desecraters," which we fended off. Alda kept her composure during the battle, but was a bit disturbed when I presented her with the head of the pirate that assaulted her.

From there, we were able to continue with Alda back to the city. Along the way, Alda was able to take the sack of ginseng left from the small camp I previously defeated. On further note, we did find an abnormally large amount of snakes as we neared the city. Once inside the walls, we parted ways.
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