Dialogue with a Theological Diplomat

Bronte encounters and converses with a Brigobaen scholar during a woodworking session

(Emmalisse): A blacksmith!
(Bronte): :)
(Emmalisse): How is the smithing this fine evening?
(Bronte): Woodcrafter at the moment
(Emmalisse): Oh, of course. * looks at tools * Silly me.
(Bronte): Quite well thanks

(Bronte): What brings you this way
(Emmalisse): Me? Oh, I'm just making my way back to the cloister. I come here to study.
(Bronte): Ah
(Emmalisse): Are you a craftsperson for this fine kingdom?
(Bronte): Hopefully you were able to find answers to whatever brought you here :)
(Bronte): I am Maralian
(Emmalisse): Oh, how wonderful!
(Bronte): But most of my friends reside here in Mirith

(Bronte): Ah by the way
(Emmalisse): Yes, it does seem like a central hub.
(Emmalisse): Mhm?
(Bronte): Seeing as you are a resident of the temple
(Emmalisse): * nods *
(Bronte): and by looks of things utilize the portal beneath, any sign of life from the other dormant one?
(Emmalisse): Oh, the other portal...
(Emmalisse): Now -there's- a good example of diplomacy...
(Bronte): You see, a good friend of mine is on a quest to find Merfolk
(Bronte): And I'm sure would be interested in any news regarding this portal,
(Bronte): and others, particularly one such odd one in Marali
(Emmalisse): Oh yes? That is wonderful! If, of course, their hearts are pure.
(Bronte): she claimed to have used in the past
(Emmalisse): I remember hearing about that odd one in the north.
(Emmalisse): I do not know much of that one, I'm afraid. But I would of course love to find out!
(Bronte): I see,
(Emmalisse): As for the one in the holy temple, well...
(Bronte): *listens*
(Emmalisse): It remains shut now because of a diplomatic crisis, many years ago.
(Emmalisse): Before I came to the temple.
(Bronte): Oh...
(Emmalisse): I am a student of diplomacy and foreign affairs, you see.
(Bronte): Oh?
(Emmalisse): Studies of peace and conflict.
(Bronte): Politicians in the temple...

(Bronte): You'll pardon my reaction just now
(Emmalisse): * chuckles * Not quite like that!
(Emmalisse): And oh, it's no bother at all. * smiles warmly *
(Bronte): *coughs*
(Emmalisse): The Mhara do present a very unique challenge.
(Bronte): So I hear, having never met one myself
(Emmalisse): Nor I.
(Emmalisse): I do gather that they are the ones who are more reticent than us, however.
(Emmalisse): When it comes to exploring a solution to reopen the portal to that wonderful land.
(Emmalisse): If you'd like, though, I can speak to Father Vei on the subject.
(Emmalisse): Now that I think about it, it isn't too far off from my current arena of studies.
(Bronte): :)
(Bronte): If it isn't too much trouble
(Emmalisse): No trouble at all!

(Bronte): Do you visit Mirith often?
(Emmalisse): Well, I shan't be interrupting your woodworking for much longer, Madam...
(Emmalisse): Err, Sir... what was your name, pray?
(Bronte): Lord. Lord Bronte of Citrinitas Aegis
(Emmalisse): * rubs eyes *
(Emmalisse): Lord Bronte. My most sincere apologies!
(Bronte): haha
(Emmalisse): These days I do visit the Royal City more often, yes.
(Bronte): Oho
(Bronte): In the event I am not around,
(Bronte): You may leave any messages with Shivani of Suzugane
(Emmalisse): Ah, the local guild. Very good!
(Bronte): a dear friend of mine who resides just North of here
(Emmalisse): * nods enthusiastically *
(Bronte): I shan't keep you much longer
(Emmalisse): * smiles *
(Bronte): I'm sure you are eager to return home
(Emmalisse): It was a pleasure to meet you, Lord Bronte. May we cross paths again!
(Bronte): pleasure :)
(Emmalisse): Farewell! * curtsies *
(Bronte): *nods*
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