Seismic Activity in The North

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The ground trembled beneath their feet as they materialized at the Blue Portal. Earth elementals drifting about, debris and cracks on the surface where they stood, all suggesting an earthquake had occurred recently, no more than a fortnight ago.

Indy, Satyricon, Rosina, Stryker, Mikomi, Varto, Morry, Zaji had been at the Mirithian Bank moments earlier preparing for the usual hunt when Bronte arrived with some unsettling news. He had travelled to the mining town a few nights ago to procure ferrite from a source when he realized something was amiss. The floor underneath him quaked and Earth Elementals appeared out of thin air. He exterminated them with little difficulty but opted to secure the ores and his dealer, bringing them both to safety within the walls of the city instead of probing further.


With no further clues to inform their next course of action, the group decided to explore familiar areas of the region, including the Forge, Docks, Rock Formations and even the town itself, in smaller teams. They would continue towards the Ice Dungeon if their search proved unfruitful.

Indy, Morry , and Satyricon set off South in the direction of the mines, turning Northeast and tracing the rocky path towards the seldom visited dungeon. Varto, Zaji, Rosina headed Northwest towards the River. Stryker and Bronte patrolled around the portal and having found nothing noteworthy followed the first group. A gust of Elementals surrounded the area near the dungeon, significantly reducing the visibility and masking the presence of a lone Stone Golem. Indy, at the forefront of team suffered the full brunt of the attack, a lethal blow from the beast.


Morry, Satyricon and Stryker continued to engage, drawing the Golem Southwest while Bronte back-tracked to find the rest of the party. Indy, now resuscitated, noticed another drove of elementals approaching from a recently developed crevice to the Southeast connected to a small cave. The group entered the cave to find about 5 gapers gliding around a small pond in front of some ruins. Judging from the materials used in its construction, the original structure probably existed many moons ago and had been unearth along with the cave by the quake. A small chest containing enchanting reagents, a charm of loyalty, and a charm of undead cleansing with a worn note attached was retrieved from the Northwest corner of the interior:

Get t**se t* Ala**or **fore 428 ar**ves or the Pries**ss will have your eyes.

The team could only speculate at best but it seemed this cave played a prominent role in the events surrounding to the War of the Eye back in the 420's.
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