Of Botanical Matters

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Growing Moon, Year 451
While a note at Mirith bank warns citizens of Privateer activities, a matter of a seemingly innocent nature concerns Andris, in the shape of a note pinned to one of the bank pillars, right next to Rebels' Corner. It is directed to the local Botanical Society and informs them that Vernal Lotus super blooms are in force.

This reminds me of a recent unusual event. On Day 42, I was sitting on the grass somewhere south of the Guardians' Hall, mentally preparing a response to my old friend Aramon, from whom I had just received a missive. So immersed was I in my thoughts, that I failed to notice a Pixie hovering in the immediate neighbourhood... until I realised I was under attack. This surprised me, as only one of her species was known to exist in the North West of our continent - she used to dwell not far from the portal, but this was many many moons ago. No sooner had I got rid of the little pest, than I felt lifted from the ground and unceremoniously deposited somewhere else, while a petulant voice admonished me not to trample the flowers! "What flowers?", I asked. "THOSE flowers!", she replied. It was then that I noticed a field of Lotus Flowers and, in their midst, a Blue Rose. A Bracken stood nearby. "Ah, THOSE flowers!", I said and continued, "Well, stop dragging me towards them, then!". w10ro8jtnpmz.jpg
By then, I had lost my patience so I killed her, then attacked the Bracken. I tiptoed amongst the flowers, picked up the Blue Rose and returned to town.
At the next opportunity, I shall patrol the Andris territory again.
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