An explosive adventure

edited April 2019 in Real Time Quests (IC)

In the Citrinitas Aegis guild hall, Lenne approaches a bulletin board plastered with various notes.

“does anyone remember which chest is mine? thanks, 


“we’re getting low on strength pots! -B”

Lenne affixes a new note.

“ATTN: as you all may remember, a group of adventurers went out to the volcano atoll NW of Mirith during the last moon. I didn’t mention it before, but we encountered a fort of brigands that lead to the volcano that was surrounded by several magma golems, hell mages, etc. But, most oddly - we found explosives. A LOT of explosives. Enough to, perhaps, clear a path into the volcano itself??? I’m not sure why anyone would want to get in there, but keep your eyes and ears open for anymore info. I don’t think this was the end of it.

Sorry for the long letter!

See you around,


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