Of songs and adventures to come

The arm still ached, after all those moons. Not a great thing for a ranger, but McTyr managed to use the bow just fine. Not so much to play the lute, to his great misery. Alas, a small price to pay for the great amount of intelligence gathered by his staged kidnapping. Left-handed. Thank Ybarra, he was left-handed. The broken arm did not stop him from writing.

“Captain Octar,

You have now been away for many moons and time has come to call you back home. Yes, I am asking you to abandon your current mission and return to Marali, to arrange our troops for a great adventure to come. Possibly, the biggest adventure of the decade, that shall inspire poets and painters alike.

I know I should not speak of our campaigns against the our city’s enemies in such exultant terms, but the military march exists for that exact purpose and, in this case, the march may very well be followed by the suspenseful song of the explorers, before being turned into the ballad of the retired soldiers.

I digress. In recent moons, thanks to our little theatrical move, we have learned not only the whereabouts of D. L., but also what she is after, and about her most recent collaboration with the researchers who took over the depths of the volcano, that sacred place that once kept the light of humankind alive. On the other hand, we can proudly say that, with reduced resources but with the precious collaboration of the other Maralian guilds, Senator Varouf from Andris, and Miss Falvo and her pirates, we managed to arrest Vorund and to eliminate the threat of the other two main agents of the C. It is not every day that we interrogate a spider, but a man gets used to most things.

I digress again. Da capo! Here we go to the opening of this missive: it is time to return home, Captain. There is a great adventure ahead, and we have an epic poem to write. It is time to return.”

The ranger signed the letter and left the room, looking for the scout on duty. He wanted to return to his quarters as soon as possible. If the band was to play the right tune during their future campaign, he would have to pass them the score as soon as possible.


  • *Abandon the mission? Has it come to that?*

    The Captain's salt-water-soaked brow furrowed. McTyr was a man he trusted, for sure, but that didn't mean The Commander's judgement was always right. Still, Vorund was poison – snake or spider – and if the Commander thought it best...

    *Orders are orders.*

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