Dawn of the Disciples

Dear Citizens of Oberin, blessed children of Elara,

As it is well known, during the Waking Moon Brigobaen celebrates what became known as The Dawn of the Disciples. It marks the beginning of a new year with an homage to the Holy Disciples of Elara. Under the auspices of this propitious moon, we invite everyone to gather at our holy temple. For the whole length of the cycle, brothers and sisters from all over the world, Lerilin or Duldrus, children of Ybarra or Nystral, old and young, come to the House of Elara for the festivities, but also to discuss problems of theology and find new answers to the problems of existence. We believe that the religion of Elara is dynamic, and that the Goddess challenges us to keep reflecting on old matters to be able to face what is new. Then, when the moon is full, we start our pilgrimage to the cities and settlements, carrying with us the offers to the poor.

We would like to invite every child of Elara to come visit our temple during this time. If you can, bring with you those things you no longer need but might be a treasure for someone of less means. A worn robe, an extra bottle of milk, a pair of boots… Every little thing makes the difference. We have disposed donation boxes in the garden and count on your generosity to make this year’s Dawn of the Disciples a moment of warmth and joy.

May Elara guide your journey,
Father Evaristos of Brigobaen


  • The boy burst into the office, panting heavily. "It's gone! It's gone! They've stolen it all!"

    "What? Stolen what? Speak, man!"

    "The donation box! The one that all of our donations went to - the one for Duldrus!"

    "They what?"

    "And they left all the other boxes untouched!"

    "$&#%@! These soulless bandits will stop at nothing!"

    "And oh, wait, something happened to Mirith's box too - it was covered with slime and goo."

    "By the grace of—well, Mirith's always like that—but bloody hell! Do you have any idea who might've done it?"

    "No sir."

    "Hmmmm." Lans glanced down at his calendar. Full moon was tomorrow. "Well if I ever find out, there'll be Hell to pay... but not today! Here, take this down: ten bowls shark fin soup, five bowls chirashizushi. Five harpie egg omelettes, five sea serpent omelettes. Thirty steaks flambé – with the good whiskey, mind you – and twenty stuffed giant hearts. Give that list to Amayza. And for Cirilla: see if you could trouble her for another fifteen banana cakes, Andris-style, and fifty gingerbread loaves." It was not even half of the original planned feast, but it was going to have to do. "And have Kadel pay a visit to Marali. We're going to need a lot more whiskey."

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