Another letter to Mother Mei

Mother Mei, my dear friend,

I don’t even give you time to answer my last letter and am already writing another. But I have such wonderful news! You must be the first to know! And it all happened so fast, that I need to write it down, to make sure it happened and is not just a dream.

It was just the other day, the morning after I finished my letter to you. As usual, I presented myself at the gate, to start my daily duties in the Miners’ Nurses. Oh, Mother Mei, I cannot even start to describe how sick I fell. A sort of dizziness, a cold sweat, something I never felt before and that wouldn’t go away with a simple detoxifying spell. So I went to see Jan, our dear Senator Varouf, and told him I wasn’t feeling well. So, I said, “Senator, if you don’t mind, I will change my schedule for today and come back in the afternoon”. And he said, “Adla, let’s change our lives forever and do it this afternoon”. I forgot to mention, he was holding my hand. And I said, “How? What do you mean, Senator?” And he said, “Adla, will you be my wife”. And I fainted.

So, in the afternoon, Jan called the temple priest and brought the most beautiful rings, who he gave to his son to carry (you know he has a little son? The most lovely boy!), and we got married and he gave me flowers and we drank Andrisian champagne all evening. It was beautiful, Mother Mei, only talking about it makes me all silly and tearful and happy. I wore a robe Mr. Waltham lent me, and I had a crown of lotus in my head.

Now, with the blessings of Elara, I moved in with him and the boy and am ready to learn how to be a wife and a mother, as well as a nurse. My hands shake, but my heart is filled with joy.

There is only one thing that scares me. I shouldn’t even give any importance to it, but, deep down, it makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t want to disturb Jan about such a petty feeling, but I’ll tell it to you, who always had a friendly ear to listen to my silly worries. So, there’s this girl? Or woman? She is not a child, but she is so small... She is homeless, one of the few in Andris. Whenever I see her sitting on the steps of the tavern, I drop her a coin. But the way she looks at me, Mother Mei! And her screams! She screams that she knows me, and then shouts something about a beach of smoke. It is so disturbing, my friend. I just hope she is not a bird of bad omen, cursing my newfound happiness.

But we shall talk in person very soon, at the Dawn celebrations. I can’t wait to properly introduce you to Jan.

Yours, with lots of love,
Adla Thera-Varouf
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