A message to Senator Morgans

"Marali informs the Senate that our collective effort to defeat the Black Mage Rivolous resulted in a glorious victory. Our men came back to the fort with only a few losses, and with the visible pride of having fought a hard battle.
Mirith should be ashamed of not having taken part in this feat, though the city will benefit from its outcome as much as any other place in Oberin.
I inform you as well that, in the absence of Commander Vaup, I have been appointed, temporarily, commander of our military.

Marali Prevails, as well as her strongest ally, the Red City of Andris.

Estess Vorund,
Acting Commander of Marali"

  • Please, deliver this to Secretary Varouf, in Andris.
  • Yes, Sir.
  • A pity that our Vanguard had little to do with this victory. Any news from Captain Fang or our amsmen? Are they lost inside the volcano, or something?
  • No, Commander.
  • If they don’t report until the end of the moon, I shall demote them all! New year, new forces. I
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