Estess Vorund reports back to Marali

Mother Rees,

My journey to the cities did not go as well as expected, other than in
Andris, where everything went smoothly. Everything, except that I
couldn't find Morgans, so I talked to her new secretary, a certain
Varouf. He assured me he would pass on my message and that Marali
would receive troops from the red city during the full moon.

Alas, Mirith is always our problem. This time, they reached the bottom
of absurdity. First, they lose a sceptre, now, they pretend the King
is dead. Can you believe that? I asked for Galandir and they told me,
Estess Vorund, Advisor of the Majors, the representative of Marali,
that the King is dead. Of course, this is a prank, but I am in no mood
to have an old bag of bones wasting my time. I have waited at the Inn
for ten days, but the royals insisted in keeping this stupid farce
going. I bet they are all enjoying the Sleeping Moon in Duldrus,
but we have a dangerous mage to deal with.

Lerilin, too, seems oblivious to our current problems. Palmer is
nowhere to be seen and, playing Mayoress, there is a baker who writes
for the local paper. I didn't insist in talking to her. I shall drop
by Brigobaen before my return - maybe the priests can knock some sense
into the heads of the leaders of Oberin.

I will be back in Marali very soon, to coordinate the attack. Until
then, I hope our city is not afflicted by any additional problem and
that this short note finds you in good health.

Marali Prevails,
Estess Vorund

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