A letter is delivered to Brigobaen

Dear Mother Mei, loyal friend of my heart,

I feel like my life has just started. The adventures I had since I left our temple make me feel like a child, discovering the world and learning how to walk for the first time. Andris is beautiful, Mirith is wonderful, and my days have been split between the two cities (thank Elara for portals!), with pleasure and gusto, and, above all, no rush to move on to things I am too young to tackle. One day, I promise, I will see your beloved Marali. For now, I am happy to dance with the Andrisian pixies, and help bandaging the wounds of the forest trolls. Elara loves all living things, and I will spread her word the best I can, with love, patience, and joy.

But, speaking of Marali, I have so many things to tell you, my dear friend! Just the other day, a very handsome man came here to talk to the Senators. He said he was from the North, and you should have seen the purple of his clothes! I had never seen such a deep, warm shade. Is that the official tone of the military? Much to my regret, I did not get the chance to talk to him, as Senator Varouf sent me to Mirith to run an urgent errand for him. Actually, you will love his new idea: the Senator wants better healing for the miners there, too, and we are starting a program with the local clerics.

But where is my head? I should have started by telling you about that! Of course, we will need more people from Brigobaen to handle the training of new healers. We were thinking of hosting a meeting next moon to discuss the specifics. Maybe we could take advantage of the celebrations of the Dawn of the Disciples, since we all travel to Brigobaen anyway? What do you say? For the future, I would really like to include Misty in this, and thought it would be nice to give her the chance to travel around again. Do you think she is ready? She could represent us in Mirith, Welif, or even Gast.

I admire Misty from the bottom of my heart. She is the living proof that no child of Elara is lost for good, and all they need, sometimes, is an understanding friend, who won’t judge them for what they were. I think a lot about that, these days. How who we are depends on who we meet, on the chance encounters in our lives that made us so and so. Misty could have been a brigand forever, had we not found her that day. And how lucky am I that most people I met in my life were the kind priests of Brigobaen, you, my dear mentor, and the brave adventurers of Andris and Mirith, pure of heart and intent? And Senator Varouf, of course, who seems to have taken me under his wing in this big city, and has been keeping me busy helping the miners recover from their work accidents.

My dear Mother Mei, I hope this letter finds you well. I must now say my prayers and close this long day, with the warmth of having talked to you, even if through this piece of parchment. I hope we will meet in person very soon. I always feel a bit lost without you right next to me.

With the blessings of Elara, your faithful friend,
Adla Thera

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