News of N'eroth

A parcel finds its way to the Remote City of Marali, conveyed by a messenger under the strictest instructions to deliver only to its intended recipient.

Dear Cassandra,

Greetings from the Red City! By now, word has hopefully reached you of the events involving Brigobaen's own Xyremita and a failed summoning at the Andris Bridge. However, I choose to write you regardless, in the hopes that we might be able to connect some of the dots in the many ongoing mysteries before us. And further, I do not fully trust that the good cleric ever managed to deliver her message to the Court, and thus I feel partially responsible for ensuring that the message is passed on. You see, she seemed rather... absentminded that day at the bridge, and it would not surprise me if she had simply forgotten. (Who knows what effects the Mharan climes might have upon one's health and well-being? I'm sure I don't want to be the one to find out. But more on that later.)

In the event that word did not reach you, I will review in brief: some crazed wizard had attempted to weaken the veil dividing our world from the Void Realm, and in so doing caused an outbreak of phase serpents and black dracos, which promptly gobbled him up. Just as with previous reported incidents, the ritual seemed to involve an arrangement of small moon fragments. The commotion drew the attention of quite a few unexpected guests, from Xyremita and a scout of Andris, to gapers and even privateers.

But it is with Xyremita that I am chiefly concerned for the time being. She had apparently been tracking the crazed wizard for many moons, which to me suggests that he was the one behind the summonings from earlier in the year. That would tie one loose end up, but things only get more complicated from here. As she put it, the phase serpents cause some sort of magical pollution, which has made a number of the Mhara quite ill, including a dignitary by the name of Princess Nifi (one is reminded of Yadeth and Nita, no?). Xyremita, then, has been tasked with finding a cure. And all this because Princess Nifi is now betrothed to none other than "Prince" N'eroth. Clearly, a stunning revelation – and one whose political implications I need not even bother to enumerate.

Xyremita, apparently, has lived under the sea for quite some time now. She claims to have been sent there from Brigobaen "when the trouble started". I'm still not sure whether she was referring to the summonings from earlier this year, or all the way back to when the D.D.D. attacked the Mhara in 439. Either way, she is a remarkable individual, and there is no telling what other information she might have to offer. The only other thing I remember hearing from her is that the King of the Mhara is requiring N'eroth to spend at least a year undersea with Princess Nifi, visiting the various Mhara settlements, and completing some "Noble Act" for the Mharan race. And that was all I could gather. Xyremita now seeks unfettered access to Mirith's library, and to that end she bears some seaweed-stained letters patent, issued by the king himself.

So what else might we learn from their underwater realm? If you are need of sea shells for investigative purposes, we now have thousands sitting in our treasury, thanks to an accounting error on the part of someone from my order. I have left a collection in the hands of one particular associate who resides in Marali, and whom I believe you may have already met. Should you ever be in need, look for the house with the purple roses hanging in the window, tied with red ribbon – and do tell him I said hello.

As for myself, I will continue to watch, and wait. My list of questions is, as always, endless. Is Leviathan still King under the sea? And what of Princess Nita? And then the crazed wizard – was he acting alone, or are we to expect further disturbances from the Void? The Voidgate, which you may remember we visited sometime last year, seems more of an appealing option by the day. I am not yet ready to say the time has come to venture within, but our cache of moon fragments is growing rapidly. We stand ready to act, whenever that time may come.

Your friend,

P.S.: In the parcel, I have attached some of the gemstones that were found on the serpents' slithering corpses – two zionidic crystals, some diamonds, and a smattering of rubies. Perhaps they may prove to be of interest in your research, at a later date.

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