Book of the Dead

A group (Satyricon, Rosina, Zaji, Indy, Hayate, mikomi, Varto, Gawr, Bronte, Morry, Haruko, Yendu, Aderwyn) set off from Mirith bank towards the Volcano. Upon arriving the dragon lair and slaying a few of its occupants, the party decided to find some Magma Golems and Hell Mages, descending down the ladder where a strange mage named Katabasos approached us. He offered a Greater Protection Ring in exchange for retrieving an old, white-covered book from the Hell Mage library. Rosina informed us that Katabasos approached her Aunt, offering great powers if she became undead. The party, though suspicious of the mage yet enticed by the book and his offering, took on the task, marching towards the library with Hayate at the helm.

The walk to the library was uneventful and the party soon annihilated multiple hell mages occupying the room. The book was surrounded by strange runes that created a barrier, preventing anyone from retrieving it. A scribbled note below the runes described Katabasos as idiotic and mocked his attempts at recovering the book. The wizards present, Zaji, Indy, Aderwyn, and Saty, tried their best but could not dismantle the runes. The clanking of a blacksmithing hammer lured us Southwest towards the forge in search of more clues. 

Creatures from hell lined the path to the forge; we were caught between two Magma Golems, a few Bone Mages, and Red Dracos on multiple occasions. An Artificer appeared during the intense battle and scoffed at us: “Ha! Caught like rats in a trap.” he muttered before disappearing further into the crypt.

We eventually arrived the forge and found a chest containing GM broadsword of speed, 200 ingots, and 18 diamonds. It seemed like the Artificer was trying to construct an even stronger weapon. Satyricon detected traces of magic from the chest and determined an ingredient, specifically some body part, had been removed. Zaji, Indy, and Aderwyn joined Satyricon chanting, and together their incantation revealed the mystery ingredient was a skull. The Artificer returned, presumably to recover the items in the chest, and engaged the group, poisoning all in sight. His field spells proved challenging but he was soon overwhelmed by the group. Morry found a shattered crystal skull on his corpse, which we brought back to the library, in hopes of breaking the runes.

We fought through another pair of MGs en route to the library and discovered that the shattered crystal skull weakened the runes enough for the wizards's spells to finally nullify its barrier. As we approached the book, it shriveled and blackened, reverting to it's original form: Book of the Dead.

We decided against giving the book to Katabasos and departed for Brigobaen instead to prevent this dark magic within from falling into the wrong hands. We met a Venerable Cleric at the temple, narrated how we obtained the book, and left it in his care. He had never heard of Katabasos and informed us of his intent to consult Brother Evaristos and Father Vei regarding the Book of the Dead. A Mirithian Scouth greeted us when we arrived the City's bank and handed out class tokens to members of party except Satyricon and Aderwyn who had left earlier. He obtained a detailed description of the wizard duo, hoping to pass on their tokens of appreciation later on. 

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