To the Desk of L.

Good day sir!

Thank you for your note. Marali is, well, as it always is... even if it's still a good bit warmer than I'd been expecting. Which means, no, I still haven't had a chance to try out those robes of insulation yet. Don't tell Ry!

But anyways: there's just two things for you today. First, Tertinus the Good was inducted into the C.A., during the night of the 84th. Nothing much to report there, but I did hear some rumors about brigands almost immediately afterwards. Which brings me to point #2.

A C.A. patrol left town on the 85th, so I followed after and we found roughly 20 brigands, a good run west from the hall. It looked like they were being led by three officers in black plate, with one of them, the commander I think, wielding a devastatingly handsome sword. But as I am proud to report, these bandits were no match for our skilled and well-balanced unit. We left the battle unharmed, after searching their shelter of course, where we found another magical long sword and five, yes five, freshly-baked rum cakes. Other than that, there weren't any other clues that I could see. If I had to guess, I'd say this was probably the same group that was planning to steal from C.A. during the Bleeding Moon.

Problem solved, for now at least. But if you're right about the Marali Guards' logbook, or that Book of Sky, then you'll be hearing from me again soon!


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