Searching for Myrmecologists: Ant Cave Exploration

During the Red Moon of Year 449, Captain Octar and Armsman Nial of the Marali Vanguard set out to attempt to make contact with the Myrmecologists, a group steeped in both renown and controversy. This Lerilin-based society of insect-lovers seeks to study and protect the Ants across Oberin, seemingly unconcerned with the consequences toward human lives. The Marali Vanguard in particular has been singled out for condemnation for their handling of Maralian Ant Hills and Ant Palaces.

In an effort to restore some level of diplomacy, these two battle brothers took the Orange Portal to Lerilin's continent and ventured into the Ant Cave. It became readily apparent that they had no recollection of how to successfully navigate the winding passages of the Ant Cave and that they were rather lost. It was Armsman Nial's vague remembrance of a curving passage to the Queen's Chamber that led the pair into the greatest depths of the caverns, where they determined the Myrmecologists were most likely to reside in their efforts to study the subjects of their research.

Unfortunately, it seemed as though the Myrmecologists were not present in the Ant Cave; no doubt they were sequestered away in their studies, penning another harshly-worded rebuke to the Vanguard's latest defense efforts. The Captain and Armsman left with their pockets slightly heavier, but Nial felt that their efforts had been unresolved. Nonetheless, he and Octar hoped someday to speak directly with the Myrmecologists and perhaps resolve a minor misunderstanding.

Yet again, the public report is not signed.
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