A private letter to Evroulf McTyr

Returning from the Vanguard hall, where he had dropped a letter to his Captain, Evroulf McTyr finds the time, at last, to open the seal of a missive from Brigobaen. He had stored the piece of paper carefully in his pocket, fully intending to burn it as soon as he had finished reading. Letters from Brigobaen were rare enough. A letter from Altaira Mei was something unheard of for over two decades.

Brigobaen, 12th of the Red M., 449

Dear Evroulf,

You, commander, who would have thought! Emma would be so proud! Last time I saw you, you were still in the flower of your youth, living your first love and already so loyal to your city. So much has happened since, to all of us. So much sorrow. I am glad to see that now Marali has a chance to prosper and take advantage of a short spell of peace. You deserve it, we all deserve it. Let us seize the opportunity and bring Marali back to her glory of old.

Recently, I have sent a friend in your direction, and that is the reason for this letter. She is a cleric, around your age, and has yet much to see of the world. Adla Thera is her name, and she hails from a humble family near Gast. For a few years now, she has been very curious about the north, asking me for stories and tales, begging me to teach her the accent. I think this attraction was born out of a romance she read in our library and has grown stronger ever since. She is a very kind soul, wholly dedicated to Elara, and I believe her healing talents may be of use to the Vanguard, if you find yourself in need of a good cleric.

My esteem for your Vanguard has never diminished, even if I do not think I can ever return to my beloved city. The memories are so painful! But I still I want to hear of the present and pray for what the future might bring. Please, let me know if there is anything you may need from Brigobaen, be it a book or a spell, and I will see that it is delivered to you in all haste.

Lady Elara’s nature is forgiving in kind. I hope one day we will all be sitting around the same table again, laughing at old stories, under the caring eyes of the disciples reunited.

Yours, devotedly,

Altaira Mei

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