Life and Death Underneath Marali.

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I joined Morry, Rosina, Gawr, Haruko, Mikomi, and Varto to investigate The Marali Cemetery due to the rumors of strange men loitering about the area. We found several footprints headed southeast from the Cemetery's entrance and followed them into the Crypt. The halls were cluttered with corpse of several occupants: Bone Mages, Poison Elementals, Zombies, and Skeletons, with blood trails leading deeper inside where we found brigand corpses as well. We cleared the connecting corridors and rooms, largely part to Rosina’s persistence after an encounter with lingering creatures lured here by the full bleeding moon proved fatal for our other clerics, and arrived at the ladder connecting the Crypt to The Marali Catacombs. 

Morry warned of a lich awaiting us below the ladder, having quickly surveyed the area ahead, and we made quick work of the undead one on descent. The room housed a large cauldron and a shelter North of the ladder containing a few items: a durable silver glaive, a ring of remove curse, a club of speed, a journal and few other items. There were also more brigand corpses in the surrounding hallways.

An unnerving yet familiar laughter, originating from the North and South halls, echoed through the mausoleum and we realized there were multiple liches close by. Haruko, myself, and Gawr retrieved our resistance robes from our packs as Morry set out to scout and lure one of the liches. Distracted by the chaotic battle, I failed to notice a wraith waltz by, sending me into the grey world with one swift blow, Varto and Rosina accompanying me shortly after. Mikomi said a quick prayer, restoring our vitality and casting reflective spells as we prepared to resume combat. The group soon established a rhythm and aptly defeated another wraith/lich pair. We continued investigating the cave, slaying some more wraiths and remnants of the full bleeding moon; we returned to Marali bank when it seemed all was back to normal. 

The journal is currently guarded by Citrinitas Aegis. I scanned through its pages, which contained detailed information about the goings of the Marali Guards: their names, names of their relative, schedules, posts/area guarded, and length of service. I can't help but speculate on their objectives. Were the slain brigands were related the thugs found scouting the MR dungeon, and occupying the mercenary cave few moons past? The group at the mercenary cave were guarding some spirit animals while those at the MR were instructed to secure the Book of Sky. Did the lot in Marali also arrive in search of the tome? Where they trying to bolster their militia by recruiting or forcefully capturing Wraiths? This scenario seems unlikely as they would have suffered far less casualties had they opted for the Mirithian Crypt instead. Perhaps the brigands accompanied a more fearsome foe, one strong enough to conjure multiple liches, and were sacrificed during his experimentations

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