A guard drops three pages inside a hidden chest in the Marali Vanguard hall.

Armsman Nial, here is a copy of the intercepted correspondence between Brigobaen and that lady cleric you told me to watch. I have asked one of our scribes to open the missives and reseal them, so that no one suspects we are watching them. Commander McTyr received a letter from Brigobaen, too, but we did not dare to read it.

Marali Prevails,

Henrt, the guard.


Marali, sixth day of the Red Moon, year 449

Mother Mei, my friend and mentor,

Marali is just like you described. Electricity feels the air and the wind brings the smell of the forest, like no where else in our lands. The climate is harsh, and life is hard, but by no means has this land been forgotten by Elara. Ybarra may have killed her love, but pain and sorrow made her strong and the energy of this place is unbridled. Here we are in contact with all forces of nature in their purest form. I needed this place, you were right.

As the Bleeding Moon reaches its end, I have already had the chance to help a few adventurers, and to meet one of the rangers from the Vanguard. A kind man, though his self-deprecating tirades make me wonder whether I should order a shipment of Rylyan’s special ginseng. Can you imagine? In his late thirties he is already complaining about all things his body can no longer take! Youth these days! What would he say in front of Cecil or even our Father Vei?

I know I will be here for some time. Maybe one day, just like you did before me, I shall call Marali mine.

With the blessings of Elara and under the watch of Ybarra,

Your Adla


Brigobaen, 12th of the Red M., 449

My little Adla,

I am glad you are enjoying Marali. I miss it more than I would dare to confess aloud. Please, keep sending me the pictures your eyes can see, the sounds coming to your ears, and the smells, yes, the smells of home, so that I can live vicariously the joy of your discovery of the north.

Ybarra has just found her new defender!




  • An extremely succinct letter arrives for Henrt the guard, written in a more sparse hand than usual.

    Dear Henrt,
    I appreciate your efforts, and I will see that you are properly rewarded for your additional work the next time we meet. Until then, please continue to gather useful information such as this. I will hire someone to work on it, as there is clearly more than what meets the eye somewhere between these lines.
    You were correct to leave anything belonging to McTyr undisturbed. I thank you for your consideration.
    May your Red Moon patrols be considerably less distressing than the Bleeding Moon was.
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