Bleeding Moon in Marali


I must tell you about an unfortunate encounter in the crypt that took place during the Full Bleeding Moon, as well as the ants and pixies – once again!

I heard from Suomus the wizard that something odd was happening in the crypt. I’d investigated the second level previously (via the tunnel) as far as the entrance to the under dark, but found nothing amiss. We therefore gathered a small party to look at the graveyard and first level. We noted tracks corresponding to three persons just outside the graveyard. Being Full Moon, the graveyard itself was a significant challenge. Together with Suomus, Lillium, Suscane, Jedd and the gaseous entity we fought our way through. On descent, we saw several of the undead had already been lain to rest. Unfortunately we encountered a wraith, and together with the other undead there it destroyed our party rapidly. I was not even able to fight the thing directly, it killed me before I could unleash even a single blow of my hammer.

I judged that there was not a sufficient threat to the city to re-enter. Of the three persons who entered we found no sign. I gather that once the effects of the full moon had passed, another party essayed the crypt with more success, and perhaps with more news.

On the matter of the ants these past few days I have less to report. Two ants were close to the bank, and I quickly dispatched them. The guards reported they were desirous of assistance, and I sped to the South Gate. Once again there were many pixies and ants of all varieties. After I sent messages, help arrived. I left Armsman Nial, the wizard Ryen and our formidable former Vanguardian Fuoco to clear the area. 

After our subsequent meeting, we patrolled as you commanded. We found a small brigand encampment south west of the portal. They had orders to rob a guild with a notable rogue – we rushed to our allies at Citrinitas Aegis, and Lillium entered her hall with trepidation – but we found nothing had been taken. The Looting Jesters and our own Vanguard also appeared unmolested. Whether the ants, pixies and brigands are linked I cannot say.




  • Captain Octar,

    Thank you, as always, for the information and I am very sorry to hear of your recent distress. Do we have any more news on what was going on at the crypt? Are you organising a new expedition there? What happened to that other party? Closing your eyes, that misguiding source of information, do you remember hearing anything in particular? We must determine whether those people were adventurers or foes. The overwhelming nature of the Bleeding Moon is likely to have made their life difficult, and they may be in need of a rescue. 

    As for the ants, Armsman Nial reported something of much larger proportions than what you witnessed, culminating with poison being spread near the rock formations (at least from what I gather from his description). Please, make sure, with our Vanguard, that the poison is cleared as soon as possible, not to endanger other creatures, so close to town. You can take Kang with you - he is trained to detect the odours of several different poisons.

    I have asked the guards to block, as much as possible, the galleries dug by the insects, even though they reported the excellent sound conditions of the construction. Maybe we should start holding our meetings in ant palaces, for the sake of good acoustics!

    Finally, a word on our neighbours. I was really happy to meet the cleric from the Citrinitas Aegis. Her voice reveals promise and strength. I am glad to hear she has been joining you in the patrols. May these good relations continue!

    Marali Prevails,

    E. McTyr

    P.S. - I have just received a missive from Mother Mei. This is rather surprising, and I shall read it as soon as I have sent you this message. You have met her in Brigobaen a few years ago, have you not?

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    The letter is copied to the Marali Vanguard enclosed in an envelope marked "Orders".


    You will have seen the report of Lord Bronte on the Crypt. His report details the presence of liches. The discovery of a set of reports on the movements of our guard is equally troubling. Should I ask our allies at Citrinitas Aegis to bring the documents to you?

    I organised a trip to the crypt on the 67th Day of this Red Moon. I was keen to discover whether the writers of these reports – probable spies – had left by way of the passage into the underdark. Jedd, and our friend Lillium came with me. The very bad weather we have experienced of late has given rise to slippery, damp conditions beneath our lands, and the going was hazardous. Mindful of your injunction, I listened as well as I could in my helmet. I heard nothing beyond the mindless wail of zombies and futile taunts of the Bone Mages. Eventually we made it through the passages and out to the sands of Lerilin Atoll. No trace of the mysterious three was found. As this matter may concern spies, I shall ask Armswoman Luciella to investigate.

    This duty and the inclement weather has prevented me from taking up your generous offer to use the keen senses of your faithful hound to discover the poison sources. The Vanguard shall see to it as soon as we can. Armsman Nial and especially Captain Charonia would be best suited to this task.

    I remember Mother Mei with affection, but it was some years ago that she and other Clerics at Brigobaen helped us with the matter of the Diary. If you need a message taking to Brigobaen,  Armsman Llino may be able to help.


    Captain Octar

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