Red Lit Path to Gohoran

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Earth Elementals, Black Bears, Giants, Poison Elementals, A Dracoall faunas of the region between Mirith and Duldrus.  Shivani noted the critters she encountered on her walk to Gohoran with Nadleeh, her Lava Spider. She had been instructed to meet with Varto and investigate the settlement and surrounding territory. She paused briefly, gazing into her orb: approximately 150 paces northeast to the black robed cleric

The druid noticed some nonnative creatures as she approached the path flanked by a chain of rocks southwest of the town's forge: Fire Elementals, Lava Spiders, Rust Beasts. She stopped by Sect of the Crystal's guild hall to exchanged Nadleeh for Kyrios, and found Varto fending off some Hell Hounds with a silver glaive by the nearby lake. Attack! The Bear charged northwest towards an incoming pair of Bone mages while the duo trailed behind, finishing off some gravely injured stragglers and scanning the vicinity, eager to determine the source of the unusual spawn.

They found four small moon fragments arranged in a peculiar formations: surrounded by withered black trees, and evenly spaced with a giant camp fire placed after every other shard.

"I think it is some sort of makeshift portal connected to the volcano. Seems to be teleporting creatures out but the connection has been disrupted" Varto muttered as he paced around the formation, closely examining the fragments. His guess seemed correct. Although they hadn’t seen any creatures emerge from the “portal”, it’s center was overrun with footprints similar to those of the invasive creatures. Closer inspection revealed the withered trees were well actually Gohoran oaks covered in soot, likely charred from the intense heat emitted from the fiery mobs. 

Shivani and Varto quickly picked up the moon fragments in hopes of prevent even more fearsome foes from being transported across. Dracos, Dragons, Hell Mages, Magma Golems, they’d spent a significant portions of their lives hunting these beasts. An invasion of Dragons and Golems would prove difficult for larger cities with a well organized armed forced, let alone the small township of Gohoran.  With no additional critters in sight, they continued killing off stragglers and searched for any signs of a perpetrator to no avail. Who was responsible? The Black Hand? A brigand mage of the Black Hand was spotted in Gohoran several moons ago, commanding an army of brigands, gapers, and brackens, but there had been no further movements by the Hand since then. The Satels? Fyod? She had not a clue and would just let the events unfold.


  • This time the summons led her just outside the West gate of Mirith in company of familiar faces: Suscame, Laricen, Lenne, and Varto of Citrinitas Aegis, and Llino of The Marali Vanguard. The Maralians gathered at the Rock Maze, no doubt curious about the effects of the unusual weather on the neighboring wildlife. The clouds gave way to gusts of rain, and the sky took on a tinted deep shade of red, almost a reflection the horde that would later amass, enticed by the radiance of the bleeding moon.

    Scores of Fire Elementals, Rust Beasts, Hell Hounds, Lava Spiders, Bone Mages soon filtered into the area slaying sheep and wolves alike. The invasion was significantly stronger than what she had encountered in Gohoran a few nights ago. Mobs of rusts beasts, forced the purple-hair fighter to don a robe and sheathe her katana, opting for a club instead. The Rogue stealthily dealth with Bone Mages. The clerics continuously casted reflective spells to ward of magical attacks, detoxified all in sight, occasionally rolling up the sleeves to wrestle the creatures gnawing at the helm of their robes. The druid joined the mayhem, assuming the form of a draco and provoking foes, with her pet in tow to finish off stragglers. 

    If both events were related, she expected to see the same makeshift portal discovered in Gohoran. She slowly creeped behind Laricen as he scouted northeast and there it was: six small moon fragments, aligned in a hexagonal shape. She observed approximately six creatures materialized from the portal every 30minutes, proving Varto’s speculation. The rogue quickly picked up the fragments, disrupting the connection to the volcano, which in turn reverted the sky color to its usual blue. The group finished cleaning up the area, relayed a word to the guards at Ebony Empire's hall and returned to Mirith.

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