Forum Rules!

1: Most of this is just plain common sense. In fact, if you're an all around nice guy or gal, chances are, you're not the kind of person that needs to be reading this. For those that like to live on the edge, by all means, continue reading.

2: This is, hopefully, a no-brainer. If not, simply put, try not to insult, degrade, demean, talk trash, or otherwise be rude to others on these forums. A little friendly jabbing is alright... just make sure you're "friends" before you start the jabbing. There is also a point where discussion can turn to bickering... please try to avoid it and keep things civil. Direct insults or name calling is never acceptable. If you do manage to let something slip, you're not going to get jumped for it... but at the very least, expect a warning. Continue pushing it, however, and expect something worse.

3: For those that like to share with others the more... saucier parts of the internet, please refrain from doing so on the Oberin forums. Basically, no pornographic material (links or otherwise), no nudity, no warez, and no cheats (again, links or otherwise... and that includes programs and exploitable bugs). Oh, and just in case, a blanket clause: nothing really offensive either.

4: No racist, sexist, and many otherist type comments please, no religious or political bickering, no flames of any kind. You're entitled to believe in or say whatever you want in real life... but that doesn't allow you the same right to do such things on these forums. If you think there's a good chance you're going to offend people, it might be a good idea to keep it to yourself.

5: Don't spam ANYTHING. Don't obviously post to increase post count. Don't use html/java for malicious or stupid purposes. Don't post topics in the improper forum. In general, don't do anything that will likely get on peoples nerves that isn't already covered under the previous rules. This is not a place for you to act up for attention, it is a place for the community to share experiences.

6: Whether you think they're right or wrong, they're still the ones admining the boards. They say it, you do it. You want to discuss the actions taken against you or others? That's cool. Just don't use the public forums to do it in. Use Private Messages to convey your thoughts... but keep in mind, there can come a point where discussion is no longer an option and it will simply have to be dropped. Sorry, but there are better things to do with one's time then to go in circles over a simple forum dispute.

7: If posts even resemble an attempt to acquire any of the above 'skillz' they will be dealt with swifty... you may discuss who hacks, or why someone would hack, or what signs/symptoms you see, but you may not use this public forum for spreading hacks or for educating others how to abuse bugs in the game. There is a bug forum for discussion of bugs. Do not post exploits, send them via PM to any Oberin GM.

8: What can happen if you don't follow the rules.

9: We'll just run the gambit on this: warnings, posts edited or deleted, threads edited, deleted, or locked, topics moved, temporary ban, and permenant ban. There really is no set order to this... it's at the moderator's discretion to decide what is the best action to take. Generally speaking, however, the order I listed will be the way it's played out... just don't expect a warning if you've had previous offenses.

10: If a post is locked, the discussion on that topic is over. Do not move the same topic to new threads, or into other threads, even if the subject is similar. A locked post is where it stops irregardless of anything you wanted to add to the discussion or refute.

11: Also, if by chance you are ever faced with dealing with some form of punishment/consequence, you simply have to grin and bare it. Trying to circumvent it will only end up making matters worse. Most anything can be forgiven given enough time... but how much depends on the offense and how you deal with the actions taken against you.

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